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Information for Faculty

Disability Services Exam Proctoring Program

The service is only offered to students registered with Disability Services who receive exam accommodations.

Scheduling in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Student provides professor with his/her Faculty Accommodation Letter at the beginning of the semester.

  2. Professor completes Faculty Accommodations Exam Request on the Hub and sends to Disability Services at least 5 days before examination date. "Accommodation Exam Proctoring Request" can be found under "Destinations" on the main page of the Hub. 

  3. Disability Services schedules the room and provides a proctor. A notification email will be sent to the professor and student regarding exam logistics.


Students with disabilities are a valued part of our community.  To confirm our commitment to providing equal educational opportunities, Babson College and the Office of Disability Services support undergraduate and graduate students with sensory and mobility impairments, as well as students with hidden disabilities such as chronic medical conditions, learning disabilities, and psychiatric disabilities.  Furthermore, the College recognizes that its basic responsibility is to identify and maintain academic standards while ensuring the rights of students with disabilities and the diversity of learners. 

To meet these goals, Babson College has created policies and practices that comply with federal law and support the accommodation needs of students with disabilities for all faculty members.  Specifically, faculty members have the following rights and responsibilities:

Babson College faculty have the right to:

  • arrange with students the means for providing accommodations in their course
  • refuse to provide accommodations for students with disabilities who have not followed Babson College policies and procedures for participating in the accommodation process
  • identify and establish the skills and knowledge that are fundamental and essential components to their academic courses/programs and to evaluate each student’s performance on this basis

Babson College faculty have the responsibility to:

  • maintain the academic standards of the College

  • acknowledge and provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities in a timely manner.  This includes providing accommodations themselves or making arrangements with their administrative assistants.

  • maintain the confidentiality of disability-related information and communication unless otherwise given written consent or authorized by the student

  • obtain from the Director of Disability Services any necessary clarifications concerning policies and procedures for requesting and securing accommodations and/or auxiliary aids;

  • provide equal access to classroom resources and exams comparable to that provided to any student in their class

  • facilitate exam and quiz logistics in a timely manner to ensure that all tests are administered in a standard and proper fashion.  Faculty may determine the testing conditions under which the exam or quiz is to be administered (e.g. closed book, use of a calculator, etc.).

In the spirit of embracing the law and creating a welcoming environment for students, all faculty are required to include an accommodations statement in their course syllabus for every course each semester that directs students with disabilities to appropriate services and encourages them to meet with their faculty to discuss their individual learning and accommodation needs.  A sample syllabus statement reads:

“Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me privately and in a timely fashion to discuss his or her specific needs. Students must also contact the Director of Disability Services at 781-239-5509 or in Hollister Hall 122 to coordinate reasonable academic accommodations."

To this end, faculty members are not responsible for determining accommodations or diagnosing conditions.  However, if they suspect a student may have a documented disability or would benefit from a consultation to discuss the presence of a disability, faculty should refer these students to the senior manager of Disability Services. 

Accommodation needs are determined by the senior Director of Disability Services.  The process for requesting accommodations includes:

  1. Students must self-identify and provide comprehensive and qualified documentation that meets institutional standards to the senior Director of Disability Services in a timely manner.   The evaluation process varies given the complexity of each individual case.

  2. Each semester students must complete an Accommodation Request form that is used to create accommodation letters for faculty members. Accommodations may or may not be implemented for late requests.  Students reserve the right to choose not to request exam accommodations.

  3. Upon receipt of the Faculty Accommodation Letters, students are responsible for meeting with faculty members to discuss accommodation letters, their learning style, and exam accommodation arrangement in a timely manner. 

  4. As per College policy, faculty members should discuss exam accommodation arrangements with eligible students. Professors may proctor their own exams or request exam proctoring through the Disability Services Proctoring Program.  After the student requests the exam accommodation, faculty arrange proctoring for examinations through an on-line e-form located on the Hub titled Accommodation Exam Proctoring Request (found under "Destinations") if they choose to use the Disability Services Proctoring Program.

  5. The Director of Disability Services is also available for individual consultation regarding accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as ammended and other laws, and teaching strategies. For questions call 781-239-5509 or email