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Policies and Procedures

Registering for Academic Accommodations

A student interested in receiving support services and/or academic/ medical housing accommodations must register with the director of Disability Services.

Intake Process

  • Complete Registration Form »

  • Submit appropriate documentation. Students are responsible to identify themselves to the Office of Disability Services as a person seeking accommodations and provide appropriate clinical documentation in support of any requests in a timely manner. The eligibility determination process is not a same day process. Once documentation is received, it will be reviewed in order of receipt; therefore, it is recommended that documentation be submitted well in advance of any accommodation related need(s) (e.g. exam accommodations and alternative media services).

  • Transfer Students/Graduate Students: If you received services/accommodations at another institution, please have their Disability Services office fax or e-mail a verification letter indicating the accommodations you were approved to use. (Confidential Fax: Mary Powell, director of Disability Services, 781-239-4310 or E-mail:

  • Once the Intake Packet information is complete, and reviewed, and if documentation is determined to be acceptable for accommodations and services, you will be asked to meet with a Specialist to complete the Registration Process.

  • Students who are approved for services and accommodations will need to register with the Office of Disability Services in order to activate their files. Schedule a meeting by calling 781-239-4508.

Academic Accommodations Request Policy and Procedures

At the beginning of each new semester:

  • Students are required meet with faculty to discuss how academic accommodations, such as extra time on exams, are provided in their class. Babson is not responsible for ensuring academic accommodations for those students who identify themselves only to faculty or staff and not directly to Disability Services, or identify themselves subsequent to the completion of academic requirements or projects.

  • Meet with Mary Powell, director of Disability Services, and complete the Undergraduate Academic Accommodation Request Form (pdf). Please fill out the form and return to Mary Powell by email or by bringing it to the Learning Center in Hollister 122.

  • Once you have met with Mary Powell, Faculty Accommodation Letters (FALs) are emailed to faculty, and student, by the drop/add deadline. If you drop/add a new class, a revised Academic Accommodation Request Form must be completed and returned to Mary Powell. FALs for the new class will be emailed to faculty and student.

Before each upcoming exam:

  • At least seven (7) days before each upcoming exam (with the exception of SME/FME as separate arrangements are made for these courses), remind your faculty by email that you will use your exam accommodation, so that room arrangements can be made in a timely manner. Please copy Mary Powell on this email. (List your exam dates on a calendar and make a note one week before each exam to email your professor). Please consider if your extra-time accommodation will create a conflict with another class, so that options can be discussed with your faculty in advance.

  • Disability Services will email the student and professor of the upcoming exam time and accommodation exam location once the arrangements are finalized.

Note: This procedure must be followed at the beginning of each semester for which you are requesting academic accomodations.

Registering for Medical Housing Accommodations

Look for emails from Residence Life concerning deadlines to request medical housing accommodations. Complete and submit a Medical Housing Form (pdf)​​.Contact the Office of Residence Life at 781-239-4438 or or the Office of Disability Services at 781-239-5509 or with questions.

​​Note: Failure to follow the policies and procedures may mean that the accommodation(s) cannot be implemented as planned. The Office of Disability Services is not responsible for ensuring academic accommodations for a student who identifies him/herself only to his/her instructor(s) and not directly through Disability Services.​​​