Undergraduate Mentor Program

The CWEL UG Mentor Program connects women students to successful women leaders to explore current topics related to professional and personal development.

The program is open to all junior standing women students and runs from spring semester of the junior year to fall semester of the senior year. The program is built on three essential pillars:

  1. Expertise. The program is designed and led by a mentoring expert. Professor Wendy Murphy is a respected researcher in the field of mentoring and has years of experience managing successful mentor programs.
  2. Theory and Practice. The program combines the latest research on mentoring and entrepreneurial leadership with a series of activities that are both educational and fun.
  3. Custom Matching. Students and mentors are strategically matched to provide a successful foundation for the mentoring experience of both parties.

The Commitment

The program includes four formal dinner meetings held at Babson and sponsored by the CWEL. Examples of dinner meeting topics include building effective mentoring relationships, the art and practice of networking, and first hand experiences of near-peer successful women leaders. The program also suggests that mentors and students plan monthly connections based on whatever format and location meets their needs (virtual, telephone, in person).

Benefits to Students

Students gain access to outstanding professional women who have experience as leaders in a wide array of settings including private sector companies and not-for-profits organizations, as well as founding and running their own entrepreneurial ventures. CWEL Mentors are women who are committed to making a difference in the lives of the next generation of women leaders (you!). They are connected to their communities, have complex and rich lives outside of work, and have their own unique combination of expertise, experiences and networks to share.

Benefits for Mentors

We understand that serving as a mentor is a commitment of valuable time and energy. For that reason, this program is designed as a professional development opportunity for mentors as well as for students. Mentors learn mentoring “best practices,” drawn from research and from the CWEL’s partnership with some of the top organizations in the country. We provide training in the kinds of “mentoring skills” that are valuable to leadership progression. These include:

  • Active listening
  • Creative problem solving
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Collaborative coaching
  • Goal-setting
  • Assessment

In addition, mentors gain access to an extended network of professionals affiliated with the CWEL and an outstanding talent pool. This is a particularly useful program for early and mid-stage professional women who have between 5 and 15 years of work experience.

We find that mentors who contribute their energy and insights are deeply gratified by the experience while the students who receive guidance are inspired beyond measure. All participants gain a valuable connection to the CWEL at Babson College, the premier resource for educating and advancing women entrepreneurial leaders.

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