Launched in 2008, the AshokaU Changemaker Campus Consortium consists of colleges and universities from throughout North America.  After establishing an institutional partnership with select universities, AshokaU works with teams of entrepreneurial students and faculty to accelerate their growth as hubs of social innovation. Changemaker Campuses include: Arizona State University, Babson College, College of the Atlantic, Duke University, George Mason University, Marquette University, The New School, Tulane University, University of Colorado at Boulder, and University of Maryland.


AshokaU is a program of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Founded in 1980, Ashoka is the world’s leading network of social entrepreneurs. AshokaU envisions a world where colleges and universities everywhere serve as an enabling environment for social entrepreneurship, providing individuals with access to the resources, role models, learning opportunities, and peers needed to actualize their full potential as social entrepreneurs and changemakers. Ashoka U’s mission is to foster and accelerate teaching, research, and action in social entrepreneurship, seeking to set a new standard of excellence in the field.

Babson College was awarded Ashoka's 2011 Social Innovators Award. One of five winners, Babson was awarded this honor for its innovation in teaching social entrepreneurship.  For more information see the press release.