Student Programs

GHE Fellowship 

This program provides Babson students and recent post graduates a paid internship opportunity in global healthcare start-ups addressing the health sector challenges in low resource-settings in US and/or internationally. Please contact Rebecca Obounou to learn more.

Global Health Entrepreneur Coaching

Often, many of the solutions to global health challenges are those that address the constraints around the most basic human needs. Are you a start-up solving clean energy, clean water, sanitation, health,  transportation, etc. challenges in resource constrained regions in the US and abroad with Global Health in mind? Schedule a meeting with Rebecca Obounou to discuss how the Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship can help move your venture forward.

GHE Internships

Are you a student who is interested in paid opportunities to help move the GHE efforts forward? Schedule a meeting with Rebecca Obounou to learn more about the opportunities available.


For more information, please contact Rebecca Obounou.