Student Programs

Babson-CAMTech Entrepreneurial Fellowship (BCEF)

This program provides Babson masters level students an opportunity to work internationally in select co-creation labs on affordable medical technologies in Uganda with our partner, The Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech).  BCE Fellows work in the field for 12 weeks during the summer. The BCEF aims to drive cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural innovation by providing innovators an opportunity to work across all geographies to cooperatively tackle some of the most pressing challenges in global health. Applications will reopen in Spring of 2018. If you are interested in this program, please indicate so via this online form.

Global Health Entrepreneur Coaching

Often, many of the solutions to global health challenges are those that adress the constraints around the most basic human needs. Are you a start-up solving clean energy, clean water, sanitation, health,  transportation, etc. challenges in resource constrained regions in the US and abroad with Global Health in mind? Schedule a meeting with Rebecca Obounou to discuss how the Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship can help move your venture forward.



For more information, please contact Rebecca Obounou.