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The Lewis Institute’s Changemaker Award

Babson is a unique community that attracts people looking to make a significant change in the status quo.

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Nominations are due Friday, March 27 by noon. 

Tapping into our entrepreneurial spirit, many of us in the Babson Community are oriented toward seeing things differently and discovering new solutions to existing dilemmas. The Lewis Institute celebrates these Changemakers and looks to promote Babson’s role in reshaping the world, whether that’s on campus, in the local community, or on a global scale. 

The Lewis Institute Changemaker Award is designed to recognize members of the Babson Community who have set something in motion in order to create positive change. We invite all members of the Babson Community to nominate an individual who exemplifies the idea of creating positive change. 

We are looking to honor those willing to take smart, courageous action to create change for good. As such, nominees are not limited to those who have completed an initiative or project; also to be considered are efforts which are underway. This award is for those engaged in change making behavior.

2014 Award Recipients

2014 Changemakers Award Recipients

Alumni: Jon Feinman M'10, Founder of InnerCity Weightlifting
Faculty: Mary Pinard
Staff: Melissa Shaak, Director of Student Financial Services
Graduate: Mayank Aror M'14
Undergraduate: Irene Laochaisri '17

2013 Changemakers Award Recipients

Chief Changemaker Award: Len Schlesinger
Faculty: Dean Dennis Hanno
Staff: Kate O'Leary, Human Resources
Graduate: Chet Clem M'13
Undergraduates: Lindsey Tarr '13, Amy Malinowski '13

2012 Changemakers Award Recipients

Faculty: Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg
Staff: Jamie Kendrioski, Director, International Student and Scholar Services
Graduate: Mathew Paisner, M'12, CEO/Co-Founder Altruhelp
Undergraduate: Miguel Vazquez '12

2011 Changemakers Award Recipients

Faculty: Robert Turner
Staff: Katrina Fludd '08, MSM '10, Manager, Multicultural Programs
Graduate: Rachel Greenberger M '11, Director, Food Sol
Undergraduate: Tazmun Nahar '12