Through global campaigns, campus partnerships, or sponsored ventures, The Lewis Institute helps power a diverse variety of programs that embrace social innovation. 

There are countless ways to alter the status quo, and the many initiatives and events we support provide us with fresh avenues to pursue innovative solutions to social and economic challenges. 

Check out some of the ways that students, faculty, Fortune 500 companies, local nonprofits, food entrepreneurs, and more can get involved with us to create sustainable value in the world.

Babson Board Fellows 

Babson Board Fellows is an experiential learning program that places Babson MBA students and alumni as non-voting members of nonprofit boards. The goals of the program are to support local nonprofits, to build a culture of service within the Babson MBA community, and to give Babson students another opportunity to put their MBA skills into practice.

Babson Food Day

Food is big news these days. Questions of nutrition and health, food safety, supply-chain ethics, energy, sustainability, and access are ever-increasing concerns. On Babson Food Day, we’ll acknowledge and explore these grave dilemmas, but always with an eye toward the “bite-sized” action step that the attendee can take now to begin to make a difference.

Changemaker Award

The Lewis Institute Changemaker Award is designed to recognize members of the Babson Community who have set something in motion in order to create positive change. We invite all members of the Babson Community to nominate an individual who exemplifies the idea of creating positive change. This annual award is presented each April to undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff members (one per category) who are working hard to make Babson--and the world--a better place.

Changemaker Marketplace

This annual tradition, hosted in partnership with the Sustainability Office, gathers students and partners together to showcase and celebrate sustainability and good business at Babson.

Clinton Global Initiative University

Babson College is one of the founding members of the Clinton Global Initiative University Network, a growing consortium of colleges and universities that support, mentor, and provide seed funding to student leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. For more information and to apply, visit CGI U or the Babson CGI U program.

Community Table

Food Sol Community Table meets Tuesdays  from 1 to 2 p.m. in the Blank Center for Entrepreneurship. For more information, visit the Food Sol page .

Good Business Fridays

Join The Lewis Institute every Friday between Noon and 1:30 p.m. in the Reynolds Global Lounge for open and casual discussions about creating and maintaining a business in today’s world. Some discussions feature guests with insights on a key topic, while others are open forums for students, alums, staff, and faculty to support and advise each other about their business concerns, ventures, and ideas. Come when you can, there is no such thing as late!

IoT For Good Lab

Sponsored by Verizon, the IoT For Good Lab at Babson encourages the creation of social impact solutions with the use of IoT (Internet of Things). It does this through a three-pronged approach: convening interdisciplinary teams of entrepreneurial thinkers, engineers, designers, artists, and liberal arts students in order to experiment with ideas and solutions for addressing the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, using the Internet of Things; supporting IoT For Good entrepreneurs working to generate social value using the IoT, integrative thinking, human-centered design, innovative engineering, and creative business cases; and providing resources, seed funds, and support to initiate and launch IoT-enabled social ventures.

MBA Impact Hour

This event series is dedicated to creating a space for Babson MBAs and Alumni in the Boston area to deep dive into issues of importance that will amplify the impact of their careers. For more information and a full schedule visit with MBA Impact Hour page .

Project ROI

Last year, this new venture was led by Babson College and IO Sustainability, with the support of lead sponsors Verizon and Campbell Soup Company. Together, we placed a rigorous business lens on the value of work in CSR and beyond as we developed a common language and set of tools to quantify the link between CSR and ROI.

Social Innovation "Inventureships"

This first-of-its-kind fellowship is unique to Babson as we ask students who apply to use our methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® to work at a strategic level with social enterprises or companies seeking to have greater social impact. 

Social Innovator Award

The Lewis Institute Social Innovator Award is given to individuals who exemplify the qualities, attributes, and impact that we believed would be so powerful for students to learn from and, as a result, would be influenced to activate real and lasting change in the world. This award serves as the marker for extraordinary achievement and a benchmark for how one sets in motion large scale change and impact.