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Resources & Tools

This is an ever-evolving and changing section of our website, designed to connect you to social innovation at Babson and throughout the world. We invite you to click through the sections below to find inspiration, practical information, and opportunities to expand your network.

Thought Leadership & Publications »

Social Innovation in the Classroom »
Babson’s mission is to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value—everywhere. This section includes courses that focus on social value creation and social entrepreneurship.  

Careers and Internships »
Navigating a career in social impact can feel overwhelming at times. Many students know they want to use their degree to do good, but aren’t quite sure what that job may look like, or where to find it. The following websites provide research and advice for those interested in embarking on an impact career.
Studying real-life examples of social innovation helps students see how the principles they're learning in the classroom are put into practice. The Lewis Institute funds the development of Social Innovation Teaching Cases exploring the challenges of developing and running a social impact business. This section includes summaries of available cases. ​

Funding and Competitions »
There are many opportunities for students who are passionate about an idea to gain experience, exposure and even funding through competitions and challenges which are constantly circulating through the world of social innovation.
Please check in often and be attentive to important dates. 
Mindsnacks »
Interested in what others have to say about social innovation? Looking for a quick bit of inspiration? These videos and publications discuss current trends and challenges facing the field, and spark innovation and creativity.