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Babson is busy developing the next generation of global entrepreneurial leaders capable of addressing emerging challenges, empowering young people worldwide to create economic and social value in their communities.

Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academies (BELA): Abroad

Through strong partnerships in countries around the world including Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania, Babson delivers weeklong intensive institutes to help students in developing countries create solutions to generate social and economic value. Learn more »

Babson Rwanda Entrepreneurship Educators Network

Entrepreneurial activity drives job creation, economic growth, standards of living and community prosperity. Through required secondary school curriculum, Rwanda has recognized this value and has committed to encouraging entrepreneurialism in the youth of the country. To help prepare entrepreneurship educators of Rwanda to instill the necessary skills and mindset in their students, the Babson‐Rwanda Entrepreneurship Center (BREC) has partnered with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to create a seminar, toolkit, and long‐lasting network, collectively named the Babson Rwanda Entrepreneurship Educators Network (BREEN).

BREEN is a network of teachers across Rwanda who are leaders in entrepreneurship education. BREEN aims to serve as a platform for entrepreneurship educators to exchange best practices in teaching entrepreneurship, from curriculum enhancement to boosting classroom engagement. After attending an intensive two-day seminar led by a BREC facilitator, attendees are then recruited into the BREEN network.

During the seminar, participants explore the entrepreneurial process—the “art and craft” of teaching and learning entrepreneurship. The program provides interactive sessions, led by the executive director of the BREC, which introduce entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial skill set, classroom exercises, and case discussions to facilitate both internal skills and new practices which contribute to student success as an entrepreneur. The BREEN seminar participants also will take part in three observation sessions at the Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy, followed by a debrief of those sessions with the BREEN facilitators.

BREEN participants will explore Babson’s method of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A); practice, observe and experience multiple methods of implementing entrepreneurial education; reflect on personal classroom experiences; and build their personal resource base by networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and educators who are dedicated to entrepreneurship education.

BREEN participants are provided with a toolkit designed to support the entrepreneurship curriculum that is currently implemented in all Rwandan schools pursuing the national curriculum. With an emphasis on soft skills such as self-awareness, creativity, opportunity identification, and problem solving, this toolkit aims to boost student engagement, provide hands-on and practical experience to students, as well as improve teacher‐learner interaction in the classroom.

Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) Summer Initiative

The CWEL​-Rwanda Summer Initiative is a student-driven program in collaboration with the Benebikira Sisters in Save, Rwanda. In 2012, Babson began a three-week residential program in which a team of women’s leadership scholars lived at the Benebikira campus while teaching and consulting in the community. The program today is an opportunity for students to experience a new culture while using their leadership skills to create a positive difference in the world.

Teaching: Babson scholars teach classes on Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, and English to students in grades 6-12 at the Secondary School of Immaculate Conception. The teams also have held a workshop series at the National University of Rwanda around the themes of entrepreneurship, leadership, and women’s empowerment.

Consulting: The team works with the Babson-Rwanda Entrepreneurship Center to offer consulting services to local entrepreneurs. In the past, Babson students have consulted with the Sisterhood on new initiatives such as the development of a bakery that will both feed the community and offer work experience to local people.

Learn about entrepreneurship in Rwanda: Students meet with female entrepreneurs of Rwanda. Previously, the teams have met with the founder of the African Bagel Company among other Kigali, Rwanda-based businesses.

Cultural Experiences: In addition to their work, students have the opportunity to explore the nation’s capital, Kigali, and many other unique Rwandan experiences. In the past, the team has visited the National Museum Butare, Genocide Memorial, Kimironko Market, Inema Art Center, Ivuka Arts, Songa, Agahozo Shalom Youth Village, National Arboretum, Home St. Jean, and much more! ​