Student Groups and Programming

Student Population Fuels our Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship supports a number of student-led organizations promoting entrepreneurship at the undergraduate and graduate level.

These organizations include:

Babson Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization for student business owners. By seeking out support from faculty and staff, the Chamber of Commerce helps build the reputation of student business and strives to make student businesses prosper. Having entrepreneurial roots, the Chamber will always undergo reinvention to fit business needs as they change, ensuring that the student business environment is always active, thriving, and innovating. For more information about the Chamber of Commerce, contact Nick Bawa, Chairman (, Jiali Huang, President (, or visit

Babson Entrepreneurial Exchange (BEE)

BEE is an undergraduate student organization dedicated to facilitating the exchange of ideas and opportunities between students and alumni of Babson College. Since 1984, BEE has hosted a variety of focused events to encourage its members to explore and determine their paths as entrepreneurs. With the support of the Blank Center, events such as the Conference on Entrepreneurship and Blank Speaker Series have exposed the greater Babson community to the latest business trends and some of the most distinguished entrepreneurs of our time. For more information about BEE, contact

Babson Entrepreneurship Club (BEC)

BEC is a graduate student organization dedicated to promoting, cultivating and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit. BEC activities serve as an extension of the graduate curriculum and provide students with supplementary support to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations. The BEC hosts a number of events on campus and also assists students in preparing for national business plan competitions. For more information about BEC, contact

Babson Entrepreneurial Finance Group (BEFG)

BEFG promotes interaction among the Babson student body, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the venture capital, private equity, and investment banking community. The organization strives to increase awareness of the various facets of entrepreneurial finance through guest speakers, panel discussions, and other events. For more information about BEFG, contact

Babson Technology Venture Group (BTVG)

BTVG promotes an understanding of new technologies and their impact on business. The organization provides informational, networking and learning opportunities to help students with practical skills required in the workplace of the future.

E-Tower at Babson

E-tower is a living community for undergraduate student entrepreneurs who are actively developing business plans and running companies. E-tower unites student entrepreneurs and immerses them in an innovative, high-energy environment that promotes the creation, evolution, and implementation of business ideas. Located on the second floor of Van Winkle C, the student entrepreneurs living in e-tower have many of the resources available in a traditional business hatchery as well as all the amenities of a prosperous college community. The central office has a server, printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine. It also has a large common living room for meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions as well as a common kitchen and dining area. For more information about E-Tower, contact Jaclyn Noble (  ​