Corporate Finance: Recommended Track for Finance Concentrators

The recommended track for students concentrating in Finance who are interested in a career in Corporate Finance requires a minimum of 12 credits beyond the completion of the core (FIN7200). For these students, we strongly suggest a course path following the four recommendations as summarized below.

Group 1

  • FIN7502 Capital Markets (3 credits)

Group 2

Choose one of the following:

  • FIN7511 Corporate Finance: Raising Capital (3 credits)
  • FIN7516 Corporate Finance: Evaluating Opportunities (3 credits)

Group 3

Choose one additional course from above OR one of the following:

  • FIN7573 Investment Banking (3 credits)
  • FIN7525 Finance for New Ventures (3 credits)

Group 4

Choose one additional course from above OR at least three credits from below.

  • FIN7503 Equities  (3 credits)
  • FIN7504 Risk Management (3 credits)
  • FIN7508 Financial Services and Institutions (3 credits)
  • FIN7509 International Finance (1.5 credits)
  • FIN7513 Fixed Income (3 credits)
  • FIN7517 Financing and Valuing Sustainability (3 credits)
  • FIN7518 Managing Portfolios (3 credits)
  • FIN7519 Personal Financial Management (3 credits)
  • FIN7523 Energy Markets Business Models and Opp (1.5 credits)
  • FIN7526 Corporate Governance and Financial Compliance (1.5 credits)
  • FIN7545 Financial Trading Strategies (3 credits)
  • FIN7550 Derivatives: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  • FIN7565 Real Estate Fundamentals (1.5 credits)
  • FIN7570 Real Estate Finance (1.5 credits)
  • FIN7572 Babson College Fund (6 credits, students must apply)
  • FIN7578 Real Estate Development (1.5 credits)

Supplemental Coursework

In addition to the courses listed above, we recommend that finance concentrators supplement their Finance coursework with relevant courses from other disciplines. These classes will not count toward the concentration but will provide valuable perspective and/or complementary skills. Some great choices include the following:

  • ACC7500 Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis
  • ACC7540 Measuring and Managing Strategic Results
  • ECN7520 Economic and Financial Forecasting
  • QTM7575 Financial Modeling
Additional Information
For more information on concentration requirements, including eligibility and the concentration declaration procedure, please see the Graduate Curriculum page. ​