Marty Anderson

Senior Lecturer

Lewis Family Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Social Innovation
Academic Division: TOIM


Senior Lecturer Lewis Family Chair in Social Innovation Marty is a practitioner faculty who focuses on complex networked industries and organizations of all kinds. His role is identifying new venture or innovation opportunities. He travels the world documenting technologies that are rapidly changing networked human behavior at many levels. Marty has 30 years of international commercial and research experience in more than 40 nations. Before Babson he worked on large scale corporate turn-arounds that involved realigning entire demand and supply chains, and global sponsored research programs at MIT. Since coming to Babson he has done similar work in executive education and consulting on all continents. For 10 years he watched first hand as more than 6 billion mobile devices were deployed in all areas of the world, and has been tracking how this network is changing global human systems in: media, education, communication, health care, and in basic infrastructure (water, energy, food, housing). Marty travels these ecosystems with colleagues capturing changes and opportunities on video, which is then assembled into "living cases" that seek to "bring the action" to people who cannot travel to it. He and colleagues are experimenting with VR to enhance this. Recently he worked with the Lancet Commission on Global surgery to help document the deployment of laparoscopic surgery in Mongolia. He is currently working on projects involving global healthcare, genomic innovations in water and waste, the conversion of electric grids to solar/wind, wearables, the infrastructure required for autonomous vehicles, and "the internet of things" that seeks to link all these together,

Academic Degrees

  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • BA, Brown University

Academic Interests

Global scale infrastructure systems as a key source of innovation opportunities. How to visualize complex systems for entrepreneurial action. New forms of visualization: drones, VR, video based cases.

Awards & Honors

  • 2014 - Lewis Chair in Social Innovation, Lewis Foundation
  • 2006 - Thomas Kennedy Award



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Cases and Teaching Notes

  • Anderson, M.L., Benedetti, L. (2015). Deployment of Laparoscopic Surgery in Mongolia. Laparoscopic Surgery Deployment in Mongolia,


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