Joel Ristuccia

Adjunct Lecturer

Academic Division: Management


Mr. Ristuccia received his undergraduate degree in Psychology form Yale University, his graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Harvard University and his M.B.A. from Boston University. He worked as a Consultant and Senior Project Manager with Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett, Inc. and a Principal in Industrial Economics, doing applied economic analysis using optimization models in the oil, electric generation and steel industries. Additionally, Mr. Ristuccia owned and operated several domestic and foreign retail automobile/truck franchises, achieving Regional sales leadership and serving on dealer advisory boards and regional advertising councils. He currently consults to towns, non-profit organizations and individuals in the areas of learning and organizational behavior, as well as providing numerous workshops on the development of institutional cultures that can effectively meet the learning needs of diverse populations. Mr. Ristuccia is an Adjunct Professor of Management at Babson College and works with the Babson Executive Education Center.

Academic Degrees

  • MBA, Boston University School of Management
  • M.Ed., Harvard University Graduate School of Education
  • BA, Yale University


Degree Courses 2016-2017


Degree Courses 2015-2016