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Philip Dover

Philip A. Dover  

Professor Emeritus

B.A., Nottingham University
M.S., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Academic Division
Dr. Dover teaches courses on Strategic Market Planning at the MBA level and on Marketing and Strategy topics at Babson’s Executive Education (BEE). He strongly believes that Babson’s strength lies in successfully bridging the gap that often lies between academic thought and business practice. As such, he sees marketing as adding value at all stages of a customer’s experiences across the business system rather than being largely confined to activities within a functional and vertical silo.  This requires deep cross functional empathy that allows, for example, close collaboration with R&D, operations, finance and – of course – the consumer as the digital dialogue increasingly explodes. As our ability to strive for “sustainable competitive advantage”  -- for so long, a stable element of strategic thinking – fades due to the forces of digitalization, globalization and technology, then the role of marketing must change to provide products and markets that, at the very least, permit “transient advantage” (HBR, June, 2013) in a rapidly shifting world. No small task that will require us to seriously rethink the strategic, process and organizational skills required to be an effective “marketer.”      
At BEE he has led custom executive education programs on strategic market management and corporate entrepreneurship topics for major companies such as Sony, Infineon Technologies, Waters and Draeger. His approach to working with such clients is to build a firm relationship, based on deep knowledge of company needs, a willingness to highly customize pedagogical materials, and a strong preference for action-based learning. His work in executive education has stimulated applied research aimed at providing thought leadership in areas of existing management concern. Current work is examining the shift towards a solutions orientation in high technology industries and the change management implications of executive development intervention.
Dr. Dover's academic and business interests lie in the management of high technology products and services, entrepreneurial management, strategic market planning, and services marketing. He teaches, consults, and publishes widely in these areas, collaborating with a number of multinational corporations and offering seminars at leading European business schools. He undertakes cooperative applied research projects with academic colleagues (currently in the UK and Germany) and industry practitioners. A particularly successful ongoing joint research project has led to the publication of a number of papers, substantial commercial interest and the formulation of a start-up company (MEL institute). This aims to examine the role of the manager, entrepreneur and leader in sustaining innovation in the global corporation and stems from our repeated observation of the challenges faced by the “ambidextrous organization” – efficiently managing the present while exploring new opportunities for growth (
After marketing management positions with British Petroleum and Nestlé, Dr. Dover taught at the Amos Tuck School and IMD (Switzerland). In addition to instructing at Babson, he has served as a Visiting Professor at Cranfield School of Management in England. He recently returned to Babson following a two-year leave-of-absence during which time he served as the Dean of the Business School at the University of Buckingham. The principal accomplishment there – and the major reason for taking temporary leave -- was to successfully introduce programs on Entrepreneurial Studies into the UK’s only private university.