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J. B. M.   Kassarjian  

Professor of Management, Babson College and Professor of Strategy and Organization, Emeritus, IMD International, Lausanne, Switzerland

M.B.A., D.B.A., Harvard University
Academic Division
Areas of Expertise
J.B. Kassarjian has been Professor of Management (1980 - ) at Babson. He has also been Chairman of the Management Division at Babson (1981-1987).  He has held a joint appointment, as Professor of Strategy and Organization, at IMD (1989, and as Emeritus since 2001.)  Prior to joining Babson and IMD, he was on the faculty of the Harvard Business School, and he was also involved in establishing Harvard-related graduate management institutes in Iran and the Philippines.  He has served as consultant to organizations (in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East), in such areas as leading change, strategic restructuring, and senior management team building.

Dr. Kassarjian’s writings include a book, numerous articles, and a large number of cases in a variety of business and geographic settings.  He has been the recipient of two case-writing awards: his 3-part case series, Sony Europa (A), (B), and (C), (co-authored with K. Kashani), won the 1999 European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Case-Writing prize, in the Change Management category.  And his case Shaping Spaarbeleg: Real and Unreal won the European Case Clearing House (ECCH)/ Business Week-2000 European Case Award in Policy and General Management.  Recent writings aimed at a practitioner audience include: a chapter titled, “The Leadership Paradox”, in the book Focused Strategy: Mastering Bottom-up Organizations, Edited by P. Strebel, Wiley, 2000; and a chapter titled, “Writing an Effective Case for Executive Program”, in the book Mastering Executive Education, FT - Prentiss Hall, 2005.

Most recently, Professor Kassarjian received the 2015 Thomas Kennedy award as the Professor of the Year in the MBA program.  Previously he was awarded the Deans prize for Excellence in Teaching, in the graduate programs of Babson College, September, 2013. 

His areas of expertise are: Global Competitive Dynamics, Leading Change - Strategic and Organizational, and Senior Management Team Building.  Professor Kassarjian's career reflects an abiding interest in management education at the executive level in diverse cultural settings.