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David P. Kopcso  

Professor of Mathematics and Information Technology

B.A., University of Bridgeport
M.S., Ph.D., Rutgers University
Academic Division

Dr. Kopcso is former director of the Board of Research and the Center for Information Management Studies. He consults on the analysis of data and on the applications of emerging technologies to business. His current research interests include the assessment of web site quality as well as the affect of emerging web technologies on business practices and on education. Dr. Kopcso's articles have appeared in Management Information Systems Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Operations Management, Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Intelligence System Review, Advances in Artificial Intelligence in Economics, Finance and Management, Expert Systems With Applications, National Public Accountant, Collegiate Microcomputer, and other journals. Dr. Kopcso was a visiting fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.