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Janice Bell

Professor of Accounting


Janice Bell is the Weiner Family Professor of Accounting at Babson College. She earned her PhD from University of California, Los Angeles, and holds a CPA certificate from Tennessee where she earned her bachelor’s degree and worked for KPMG. Bell has taught at Columbia University, Santa Clara University, and California State University Northridge (CSUN.) In the past five years, she has taught and coordinated Organizing for Effective Management (OEM), the sophomore Babson signature learning experience which integrates core materials from managerial accounting, operations, and organizational behavior. During this time, she also taught in the Two-Year MBA program and in the blended-learning Fast Track program for experienced executives. During her years at CSUN, Bell was active in administration, working on AACSB accreditation, college strategic planning, and learning outcomes assessment for accounting, as well as chairing the Accounting and IS Department at CSUN. She was named "Outstanding Professor" for her teaching while a member of the CSUN faculty.

Bell's expertise is in strategic management accounting and financial reporting. She is the coauthor of a modular series, Management Accounting, a Strategic Focus, which won the American Accounting Association’s and the Institute of Management Accountant's 1996 award for innovation in management accounting education. In July 2010, Professor Bell hosted the Global Accounting and Organizational Change Conference held on the Babson campus. The theme of the conference was accounting's role in promoting social change; academics from 16 countries presented research papers at the conference. She is the coauthor of several articles and books on target costing, including Hitting the Target, published in 2005. In the past five years, she has published more than 20 journal articles and interdisciplinary cases, won two awards for case writing, and an award for best paper in the annual manuscript competition for the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Her cases have been used twice by the IMA for its international student case competition.

Currently, she is working on a strategic management accounting text; writing a case on Sodexo's quest for sustainability; and serving as special editor for an issue of the Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change, which will publish the best papers from the 2010 conference. Bell is active in CAM-I, the Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing International, a think tank of industry leaders and academic researchers.

Janice Bell


B.S. University of Tennessee-Accounting
M.S. CSUN-Accounting
Ph.D. UCLA - Accounting

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