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The Course Catalog includes course descriptions of all courses offered by F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business. For descriptions of the courses offered in the current or upcoming semesters, please see our Course Listing


 Graduate Course Catalog







GMP7500 Global Management Program The Global Management Program prepares students for the professional challenges of global business management by placing them in demanding, short-term consulting assignments with companies around the world. Babson students test their classroom training and use entrepreneurial thinking and skills to solve real-world business problems for sponsor companies in high technology, banking and investments, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and many other industries. Since the program's inception, more than 250 companies in 40 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas have sponsored Babson student assignments. Projects can range from developing an Internet strategy to writing a business plan, from evaluating corporate financial processes to creating a marketing campaign. Students spend 10 to 12 weeks on their international assignments, usually during the summer between the first and second years of the MBA program. This program is designed for US students working abroad or for International Students working in the US. (The student has a choice of course credit between 0.5 to 3.0 credits.) Prerequisite: Permission of Graduate Experiential Learning Office and completion of the One Year, Two Year or Fast Track modules. This course is typically offered in the following semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter.


MBA7201 Capstone: The CEO Complementing the Strategy course and integrated with it, the Evening MBA capstone course is focused on the job, perspective, and agenda of the CEO because the CEO is ultimately responsible for a company’s strategy and its overall performance. It is also an occasion for students to draw upon the knowledge gained from other core and elective courses taken in the program. MBA7201 has 7 face-to-face sessions and a 3-hour session held on Saturday, June 27th from 9AM - Noon All of the courses in a cluster must be taken at the same location. Recommendation: students who register for Cluster F (MOB7202 Strategy and MBA7201 Capstone: The CEO) are advised that they do not register for any other courses during the First Summer Session when Cluster F is offered. MBA7201 is part of Cluster F and must be taken with MOB7202 during the same semester unless otherwise waived from the course through completion of MOB8400. The prerequisites for MBA7201 are MOB7200, EPS7200, ACC7200, ECN7200, MKT7200, QTM7200, OPS7200, ACC7201, ECN7201, MOB7201, LAW7200, and FIN7200 or ACC7000 & FIN7000 & ACC7010 & OPS7000 & ECN7000 & MKT7000 & MOB7010 & MIS7500 & EPS8150 & QTM7010 & QTM8200 & ECN8200 & LAW8200 & MOB8100 or MBA8500 & MBA8510 & MBA8520 & MBA8530 & QTM8400 & LAW8200 & ECN8200 & EPS8150 & MOB8100.


Babson Consulting Alliance Program One of Babson's signature learning experiences is the Babson Consulting Alliance Program (BCAP). BCAP plays an integral role in helping students integrate their classroom knowledge into sound business practices. First-year MBA candidates are matched with alliance companies from industries in which they have expressed a career interest. Guided by an advisor, BCAP teams work directly with company representatives to complete a project. The BCAP project is designed to address specific alliance company needs and will focus on solutions to real business problems. Past projects have focused on topics such as market segmentation, organizational design, performance measurement, activity analysis, and costing skills that are developed in the MBA curriculum. Typically the project concludes with a written report and a presentation with recommendations from the team to company executives. Babson's context of experiential learning involves a three part accountability structure: Peer group learning, an academic advisor and curriculum, and a client sponsor.


MFE 7500 Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) *****THIS COURSE REQUIRES ACCEPTANCE INTO THE MCFE PROGRAM, Registration is Manual for students who have been accepted into the program****** Course description: The MCFE Program is designed to link the business and investment community with Babson College students through a consulting team project. Graduate Students work in teams of three to five people, supported by a faculty advisor with the objective of examining an actual business or investment situation. The assignments take place in a variety of business environments which have included Fortune 500 companies, growth companies, venture capital firms, hedge funds and large and small investment companies. The team projects cover approximately 14 weeks during the fall or spring semester, with students earning three credits. At the conclusion of the project, the MCFE team's findings and recommendations are presented to the sponsoring company in a detailed, written report and oral presentation. The program provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom-based learning to real-world business issues and investment situations where they and their partnering companies gain value as well as exposure to new opportunities, innovative solutions and resources. It also provides a unique perspective for anyone interested in either the investment (investment banking, traditional asset management or hedge fund, venture capital/private equity and private wealth management), corporate finance or consulting area. Prerequisite: Permission from the Graduate Office of Experiential Learning


MFE7510 Managing the Consulting Experience *****THIS COURSE REQUIRES ACCEPTANCE INTO THE Project Management/MCFE PROGRAM, Registration is Manual for students who have been accepted into the program***************** The course integrates class work as a Project Manager and hands-on management experience at the same time. As a project manager you will be in charge of a team of three to five undergraduate students working on a Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE) project for a local not-for-profit organization. Students will be responsible for managing the entire consulting experience, which will require them to use a variety of skill sets (e.g. project management, team building, performance management, planning) that will vary based on your team's needs and the deliverables required by the company. While you will not be an active team member performing the day-to-day tasks, your responsibility will be to manage the team towards final delivery of the project to the client. This course will provide valuable hands-on management experience that cannot be acquired in a classroom setting alone. Prerequisite: Permission of Experiential Learning Programs Assistant Director


EPS7565 - BABSON-OLIN SCOPE This course permits students to conduct a business analysis for an engineering design project. Babson graduate students work with Olin College of Engineering students who are assigned to Senior Consulting Program for Engineering (SCOPE) projects. SCOPE projects are year long engineering design team projects sponsored by companies, government or the community. Design teams work to solve a current problem of significant interest (See SCOPE Handbook for details).