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Life Sciences and Healthcare Concentration

At 17.6% of GDP in 2009, life sciences and healthcare (LS&HC) is the largest sector of the US economy and among its biggest employers. It similarly dominates the Massachusetts economy, which has among the handful of clusters in the country where LS&HC organizations are concentrated. Besides the students taking this concentration, the elective courses will be open to those who would just like a course or two for intellectual curiosity or to signal some competence in the sector. Students concentrating will be required to take one of two foundation courses (see below). The Life Science & Healthcare Concentration requires a minimum of 12 credits beyond the completion of the core curriculum. The requirements are summarized below. Please note this concentration will be sunsetted by spring 2016. Courses will be limited.  

Requirement 1

Choose one of the following:

  • MOB7517 Healthcare Ecosystem (3 credits)
  • ECN7555 Health Economics (3 credits)

Note: A student can take both of the above courses and have one count towards the optional courses.

Requirement 2

Choose an additional 9 credits of optional courses.

  • MIS7515 The Business of Health Information Technology (3 credits)
  • EPS7517 Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology (3 credits)  
  • MOB7544 Healthcare Supply Chain (3 credits)
  • OLN7500 Engineering for Humanity (3 credits)
  • QTM7571 Business Intelligence and Data Mining (3 credits)
  • ACC7515 Healthcare Cost Management and Performance Measurement (3 credits)  
  • BEE7580 BioPharma: Mastering the Business of Science*

*This option is available to Evening and Blended Learning students only and includes an independent project or paper.

Note: If you take both courses under Requirement 1 above then one can count toward Requirement 2. 

It may be possible to have a Life Sciences and Healthcare-oriented MCFE substitute for a non-mandatory course. However, the MCFE should be predominantly Life Sciences and Healthcare. Questions about the appropriateness of the MCFE for the Life Sciences and Healthcare concentration should be discussed with the Life Sciences and Healthcare Concentration Advisor.