MSA Learning Goals

The student learning goals for Babson’s MSA program are consistent with the College mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value everywhere.

Babson regularly assesses these learning goals as part of its commitment to continuous program improvement. Babson MSA graduates are competent in the following:

Technical Skills

Babson MSA graduates are technically competent in professional accounting rules and standards. They are adept at extracting and analyzing salient issues from a complex problem, applying judgement and proposing well-reasoned recommendations in a global context.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Babson MSA graduates are prepared to recognize and respond to ethical questions encountered in the practice of accounting. They can identify and apply legal and professional ethical standards, identify alternative decisions in analyzing an ethical dilemma, identify the impact of business actions on external shareholders and demonstrate the ability to make decisions based on personal and professional values.

Communication Skills

Babson MSA graduates are proficient business communicators. They can communicate logically, clearly, and persuasively in spoken, written, and visual form.  They understand the importance of good communication in the world of business and can apply accepted norms and forms in business writing.

Leadership and Teamwork

Babson MSA graduates exercise appropriate leadership, value diverse perspectives and skills, and work collaboratively to use creative and innovative approaches to accomplish organizational goals.