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Faculty Scholarship Awards

The 2012 Awards for Excellence in Scholarship

These awards are chosen by the members of the Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) to recognize important scholarly work by faculty across the campus.  The range of faculty scholarship at Babson ranges from the building of theories and frameworks to critical literary analysis.  The audiences for the scholarly work do include other academics, professional and practitioners in many fields, public policy makers, readers of literature and history, and even chefs looking for good recipes.  Good scholarly work helps to change the world as we know it, and this year’s award winners have been part of making change happen.

Deans' Awards for Excellence in Teaching

2012 Deans' Awards Winners

For each award, the following is considered: student opinion surveys, innovative teaching, skill at teaching in integrated and cross-disciplinary settings, and engagement with course and curriculum design. This year’s Deans’ award recipients are:

For Excellence in Teaching as an Adjunct Faculty Member - Kerry Rourke
For Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching – Vikki Rogers
For Excellence in Graduate Teaching – Lidija Polutnik
For Excellence in Executive Education Teaching – Les Charm
For Excellence in Teaching in any program – Ruth Gilleran

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