​​​​Babson Faculty Research Fund Awards

The Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) provides support for meritorious projects, but cannot guarantee that all worthy projects are funded. Rather, through a competitive process, the BFRF makes awards to those faculty research projects that have the most promise of advancing the BFRF’s mandate. Course releases reduce teaching loads, allowing additional time for faculty members to devote to a specific research project. Summer stipends area currently set a $10,000. The list below summarizes recent BFRF awards.

Fall & Spring 2018-19 Course Releases

  • Lakshmi Balachandra, Entrepreneurship, "Can Entrepreneurs Have a Life and a Venture: Considering the Entrepreneurial Process from a Work- Family Enrichment Frame"
  • David Blodgett, Math and Science,  "How Does Type 1 Diabetes Change Beta Cells? A Gene Expression Analysis"
  • Alia Crocker, Management, "The Complementary Role of Human Capital and Social Capital in Firms"
  • Kerry Gibson, Management, "Single v. Married: How Being Coupled Impacts the Work Experience" 
  • Wiljeana Glover,TOIM, "Achieving Innovation in Uncertainty: Examining the Role of Autonomy and Goal Orientation in Hospitals" 
  • Jasmina Hasanhodzic, Finance, "Why Does Stock Return Volatility Go Up When Stock Price Declines?: A Study of Leverage"
  • Richard Herron, Finance, " How Much Does Your Banker's Target- Specific Experience Matter? Evidence from Target IPO Underwrites that Advise Acquires"
  • Julia Kokina, Accounting and Law, "Initial Evidence of Digital Labor in Accounting: Innovation with Robotic Process Automation" 
  • Mary Pinard, Arts and Humanities, "Prairie Palimpsest: Deciphering the Flint Hill's in a Poetic Sequence" 
  • Josh Staveley- O'Carroll, Economics, "International Welfare Spillovers of National Pension Schemes" 
  • Jenny Radamcher, Arts and Humanities, "Lost in the Supermarket: Biographical Uncertainty in Contemporary Spanish Fiction" 
  • Angela Randolph, Entrepreneurship, "A Process Perspective of Entrepreneurial Persistence" 
  • Vikki Rodgers, Math and Science, "Testing the Co- Invasion Meltdown Hypothesis: Interactions of Two Highly Invasive, Woody Plants in New England" 
  • Siddharth Vedula,Entrepreneurship, "Leaders or Laggards? The Impacts of Institutional Pressures on Climate Leadership Commitments by U.S. Colleges and Universities" 
  • Richard Wang, Management, "Managing Relationships with a Platform: An Empirical Study of Publishers' E-Book Offerings on Amazon Kindle"

Summer 2018 Stipends

  • Matt Allen, Entrepreneurship, "Preparing the Next Generation: A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding Generational Transfer in Family Businesses" 
  • Lauren Bietelspacher, Marketing, "Consumer Purchase Decisions- Repurposed, Recycled, Repurposable: What is More Valuable?" 
  • Jon Dietrick, Arts and  Humanities, "Show and Tell: Presence, Absence, and Value in the Winter's Tale"
  • David Nerssian, Accounting and Law, "Online Experiments, Data Gathering, and Human rights- Are Corporate Institutional Review Boards Necessary to Protect Subscribers and Data Users?" 
  • Lidija Polutnik, Economics, "What Can Colleges Gain from Comprehensive Performance Management?" 
  • Jennifer Tosti- Kharas, Management, "Dual Callings in the U.S. Military Nurse and Medical Corps" 
  • Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Entrepreneurship, "I Can Do Better: How Entrepreneurial Hubris Affects Acquisition Exit and/or New Venture Growth"