Babson Faculty Research Fund Awards

The Babson Faculty Research Fund (BFRF) provides support for meritorious projects, but cannot guarantee that all worthy projects are funded. Rather, through a competitive process, the BFRF makes awards to those faculty research projects that have the most promise of advancing the BFRF’s mandate. Course releases reduce teaching loads, allowing additional time for faculty members to devote to a specific research project. Summer stipends area currently set a $10,000. The list below summarizes recent BFRF awards.

Spring 2014 Course Releases

  • Kevin Bruyneel, History and Society, “Collective Memory and U.S. Settler Colonialism: Re-Situating the ’Post’ of Postcolonial”
  • Ryan Davies, Finance, “How Much Damage Can a Single Trader Cause: An Examination of Closing Price Manipulation in Metal Futures Markets”
  • Yunwei Gai, Economics, “Impacts of Community Pharmacies and Pharmacists on Provision of Immunization Services in the United States”
  • Sandra Graham, Arts and Humanities, “The Popularization of Spirituals”
  • Kandice Hauf, History and Society, “Biography of Wang Yangming”
  • Wendy Murphy, Management, “Connecting at Work: The relationship of social media to learning and work engagement”
  • Erik Noyes, Entrepreneurship, “Survey of Experiential Entrepreneurship Education Offerings Among Top Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs”
  • Mark Potter, Finance, “Practical Aspects of Diversification”

Fall 2013 Course Releases

  • S. Sinan Erzurumlu, TOIM, “Sequential Introduction of Innovations by Startup Firms”
  • Bradley George, Entrepreneurship, “Preventing Dysfunctional Conflict: Examining the Relationship between Different Types of Management Conflict in VC Backed Firms”
  • Kenichi Matsuno, Marketing, “Firms (non-)responses to obvious not-so-controllable external forces: the cases of aging population, rising environmental consciousness, and significant natural disaster”
  • Kankana Mukherjee, Economics, “Labor Productivity in Indian Manufacturing: A Temporal and Regional Analysis”
  • Joel Shulman, Entrepreneurship, “Large Cap Entrepreneurial Companies: Can Investors Generate Alpha?”
  • Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Entrepreneurship, “Is it worth planning for failure? When and How?”

Summer 2013 Summer Stipends

  • Mary Godwyn, History and Society, “A Sociologist Walks into a Business School: Why Ethics and Diversity in Business Education Matter Now More than Ever”
  • Elizabeth Goldberg, Arts and Humanities, “More Radical Than Thou: Politics and Posturing in Reception of Sex Trafficking Narratives” Co-sponsored by CWEL
  • Julie Levinson, Arts and Humanities, “Acting: The Auteur Renaissance From 1968-80”
  • Xinghua Li, History and Society, “Lost in Mistranslation: Promoting Green Consumerism in China through International Environmental NGO Advertising Campaigns”
  • Mahdi Majbouri, Economics, “Estimating the Income Counterfactual for Oil Producing Countries of the Middle East”
  • Mary O’Donoghue, Arts and Humanities, “Ogonnelloe: Short Stories”
  • Tina Opie, Management, “The impact of minority group member norm violation on perceived professionalism” Co-sponsored by CWEL
  • Salvatore Parise, TOIM, “Can Twitter Networks Make Us More Innovative?”
  • Virginia Rademacher, Arts and Humanities, “Sex and the City: Detective Petra Delicado and Questions I Couldn’t Help But Wonder” Co-sponsored by CWEL
  • Anne Roggeveen, Marketing, “Effects of Location of Price on Consumer’s Product Evaluations”
  • Brian Seitz, Arts and Humanities, “Political Representation: The Double Redoubled”
  • G. Shankaranarayanan, TOIM, “Justifying the Role of Data Quality Metadata in Structured Decision Making”
  • Rosa Slegers, Arts and Humanities, “A Revaluation of Vanity: Adam Smith and Secret of Business Ethics Education”

Spring 2013 Course Releases

  • S. Sinan Erzurumlu, TOIM, “Cash or Advice? Entrepreneurs Most Valuable Combination”
  • Yunwei Gai, Economics, “Supply of Family Physicians and the Influenza Vaccination in the United States: Individual and Neighborhood Effects”
  • Bradley George, Entrepreneurship, “When is it Rational to Not Be Rational? The Effects of Experience on the Rationality-Performance Relationship”
  • Joel Shulman, Entrepreneurship, “Growing Jobs and Getting Returns: Impact Investing Through Entrepreneurs”

Fall 2012 Course Releases

  • Ryan Davies, Finance, “Stock Price manipulation on option expiration dates”
  • Kandice Hauf, History and Society, “Wang Yangming (1472-1529) Visionary Confucian Man of Action”
  • Kankana Mukerherjee, Economics, “Energy Efficency in India’s Energy Intensive Industries: A Directional Distance Function Analysis.”