Babson Faculty Research Fund Programs

Throughout the academic year, the BFRF sponsors programs to support its mission.

The Faculty Research Chats feature faculty members who have complete​d research projects. The chats offer a venue for faculty to share their research activities, serve as a forum for the exchange of research ideas, and, in general, promote research within the Babson community. Other programs feature speakers addressing research related topics and other topics of interest to the Babson community.

Chats run from noon to 1:15 p.m. in the Needham Room, Olin Hall

Spring 2015 Faculty Research Chats​​

Tuesday February 24, 2015 

Erik Noyes, Entrepreneurship, "Reflections on the Maker Movement"

Janice Yellin​, Arts and Humanities, "The Chronology and Attribution of Royal Pyramids at Meroe and Gebel Barkal: BEG N 8, BEG N 12, BAR 5 and BAR 2"

Wednesday March 4, 2015

Matt Allen, Entrepreneurship, "A Model For the Role of Trust in Firm Level Performance: The Case of Family Businesses"

Wiljeana Glover​, TOIM, "Complexity Matters: The Effect of Diabetes Patient Navigator Activities and Comorbidity on Health Care utilization and Patient Outcomes" 

Tuesday March 31, 2015

Vikki L. Rodgers, Math and Science, "Susceptibility to plant invasion: Linking environmental factors to plant demography​"

Sandra Jean Graham​, Arts and Humanities, "Spirituals for the masses: Jubilee singers and ​Uncle Tom's Cabin ​onstage"

Yasuhiro Yamakawa, Entrepreneruship, "Casual ascriptions and perceived learning from entrepreneurial failure"

Keith Rollag​Management,  Diane Chase, Director of Academic Resources and Accreditation, "Expectations of Research and Publishing at Babson" 

Fall 2014 Faculty Research Chats​

 ​Anjali Bal, Marketing, "Getting Real About Suicide Prevention in the Classroom and Beyond: Social Marketing Communications for at Risk Individuals"

Wendy Murphy​, Management, "Translating Mentoring Scholarship to Practice: A Developmental Network Map Exercise"

Nathan Karst, Mathematics and Science, "Oscillations and spontaneous flow reversal"  

Tina Opie, Management, "African- American Women's Hair Dominance Display: The Influence of Afrocentric Hair on African-American and European-American Ratings of Dominance and Professionalism"

Kevin Bruyneel, History and Society, "Project Geronimo: Settler Memory and the Production of American Statism"

Ryan Davies, Finance, Finance, "Financial Intermediaries in the Midst of Market Manipulation: Did They Protect the Fool or Help the Knave?"​

Wednesday September 17, 2014​

Mary Godwyn​, History and Society, "Around the World with Business Ethics: A Sociological Examination of Management Education"   

Kenichi Matsuno​ Marketing, "Firms' (non-) responses to obvious but not-so-controllable​ external forces: the cases of aging population" 



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