Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching (CELT)

Center for Engaged Learning & Teaching (CELT) 

Housed under the Dean of Faculty, the CELT exists to deepen our faculty’s impact on pedagogy, both on campus, through programs that support curriculum redesign, and off campus, through distribution of the Babson Collection’s cases and teaching materials to Colleges and Universities around the world.

CELT works with faculty in three specific areas:

Teaching Innovation Fund supports the development of cutting-edge cases and teaching materials that:

  • Reflect Entrepreneurial Leadership pedagogy
  • Ensure Babson’s curriculum is current, global, and crosses disciplines
  • Uncommonly engage students through experiential learning methods

Case Publishing and Production manages the strategic development and distribution of the Babson Collection, an integral facet of the College’s strategy. Its mission is to:

  • Maintain high standards for developing and writing Babson-authored cases
  • Encourage the development of cases and teaching materials that align with Babson’s curriculum and institutional objectives to continuously strengthen our reservoir
  • Showcase Babson faculty’s unique talents and strengths
  • Provide resources such as editorial review and education on copyright law and ethical practices
  • Expand awareness and distribution of teaching materials published in the Babson Collection

Faculty Development programs provide small, focused, and concentrated programs to support the continuous improvement of excellence in teaching methods and materials developed by our faculty. Facilitating and sponsoring a small number of programs each academic year that go “deep with less,” we invest in high-potential faculty and cutting-edge teaching initiatives.

Initiatives must incorporate at least two of Faculty Development’s three focuses in order to be considered:

  1. Infuse creativity into an already solid pedagogical foundation
  2. Cross disciplines
  3. Incorporate experiential learning