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GVV Faculty Networks

As interest in GVV grows around the world, there is an appetite and need for GVV-style cases with teaching notes that are designed for use in particular functional courses (e.g., GVV/Accounting; GVV/Finance; GVV/Marketing; GVV/Operations; GVV/Public Sector Management; etc.); and for GVV-style cases that are set in particular regions of the world (e.g., GVV/India; GVV/China; etc.) or that focus upon particular topics (e.g., GVV/Sustainability; GVV/Social Entrepreneurship; etc.). As this need grows, interested faculty members have generously come forward to form networks to help develop these materials.

If you are interested in starting/leading or joining such a GVV Faculty Network, please review the materials below and email Mary Gentile, Director, Giving Voice To Values to obtain a list of existing networks.

GVV Faculty Networks Materials

“GVV Faculty Networks Introduction” – a brief discussion of what a GVV Faculty Network is, the role of the Network Leader, etc.

“Background on GVV Curricular Materials” – a brief introduction to the unique GVV-style case study and teaching note

“GVV Interview Protocol” – some general sample questions for GVV case interviews

“Giving Voice To Values Release” – a copy of the GVV Subject Release Form

“New Content I.P. Letter for GVV” – a copy of the GVV Author Release Form

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