In the Media

Babson College’s Mary Gentile has introduced a new curriculum for
values-based leadership.

"Voicing Values in the Workplace" (including video)
McKinsey Quarterly, August 2010

Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right
By Mary Gentile, Yale University Press, August 2010

Adding Value and Values to the MBA
By Gael O’Brien, Business Ethics Magazine, July 30, 2010

Managing Yourself: Keeping Your Colleagues Honest
By Mary Gentile, Harvard Business Review, March 2010

Teaching Business in the Age of Madoff
By R. Edward Freeman, Lisa Stewart, and Brian Moriarty, Change, November/December 2009

Is It Time to Retrain B-Schools?
By Kelley Holland, The New York Times, March 2009

Business Schools: A Failing Grade on Ethics
By Mary Gentile, BusinessWeek, February 2009

Preparing for Change (pdf)
By Marji McClure, ExecuNet, October 2008

Change of Tack in Ethics Teaching
By Linda Anderson, Financial Times, August 2008

Voicing Values, Finding Answers (pdf)
By Mary Gentile, BizEd, July/August 2008

Giving Voice to Ethics
By Della Bradshaw, Financial Times, February 2008

Missing the Point on Biz Ethics
By Mary Gentile, Providence Journal, July 2007

Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Leaders: Principles and Practices
for a Model Business Ethics Program (pdf)

Business Institute for Corporate Ethics, 2007

“Get Aggressive about Passivity”
Harvard Business Review, November 2005 

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