Ellacoya Networks

Babson Professor Julian Lange, Case Director

Walter Stock, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

© Babson College, 2001.


A corporate start-up does so well that, a year later, the start-up offers to buy back the equity from its parent. Cabletron Corporation provided Ellacoya $3 million in first round financing in return for a 45% equity stake because they were convinced that their employee, Kurt Dobbins, had the right combination of technical insights and leadership characteristics to start a successful business.

Dobbins put together a team for his company, some of whom were Cabletron employees, and the results were dramatic. Even though the firm of about 24 engineers had still not sold a product, the venture capitalists showed great interest, sensing the great potential of the company. However, a major condition for providing second round financing for Ellacoya was a buy-back from Cabletron. The founder now begins negotiations with his former employer.

Location of the company: Nashua, New Hampshire

Years spanned by the case: 1998-1999

Industry segments: Software

Stage of the company: Start-up

Age of the entrepreneurs: mid-30's

Key Words: Entrepreneur, intrapraneur, corporate entrepreneurship, software, buy-back, first round financing, second round financing, venture capitalists and angel financing.


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Teaching Notes

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