ENOX Technologies

Babson Professor Bill Bygrave, Case Director

Sam Perkins, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

© Babson College, 1996.


This case enables students to understand the process that many inventors-cum-entrepreneurs go through as they strive to develop their inventions and find commercial applications. ENOX Technologies was started on a shoestring by Voit Damevski and Stanley Rich in 1989 to develop technology for reducing nitrogen oxide emitted from diesel engines. Their initial R&D contracts came from a very large engine manufacturer. After four years of relentless effort developing their technology with a number of R&D contracts from large companies and state and federal government agencies, they found a viable niche for their technology in the natural gas transmission industry.

This case can be positioned almost anywhere in a basic entrepreneurship course, but the later it is in the course, the more the students will get from it, because it touches on material that is taught throughout a New Ventures course.

Location of the company: Massachusetts

Year(s) spanned by the case: 1989 through 1995

Industry segment(s): Ignition system and pollution control systems for internal combustion engines

Stage of the company: Start-up and early growth

Age of the entrepreneur(s): 30s and 70s


There is no DVD available for this course.

Teaching Notes

An eight page case teaching package, written by Bill Bygrave, is available for this case. The teaching package includes strategies for case presentation, key concepts, solutions to the assignment questions in the case, and suggestions for the most effective ways to work this case into your course.