Andres Galindo

Babson Professor William Bygrave, Case Director

Carl Hedberg, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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Andres Galindo is a young Colombian from an upper-middle class family in Bogotá. With his brother Carlos serving as the sole importer in the country for the top American brand Electra Sportswear, Andres sets out to create a chain of retail stores located in high end shopping districts. Understanding that his legally imported goods (due to 40-120% import tariffs) were at a dramatic cost disadvantage to openly marketed illegally imported brands and counterfeit labels, Andres decides to approach the problem as a retailing and marketing challenge by adding value through the retail sales process. By 2005 Andres has fourteen stores, and a new challenge. Electra has decided to cut out the middle man—Carlos—and have Andres import the product directly. This ought to lower margins, but it’s a big step. Most important, though, is crafting a growth strategy for his company in the face of unfair competition and a relatively small target population. The case should be positioned near the end of a New Business course—after the initial cases that are funded by the 4Fs and immediately before the formal venture capital case. It could also be used in a Growing Businesses course, or an International Business course.

Teaching Objective: To present a framework for opportunity assessment, shaping and growth in a culturally specific context outside of the United States.

Keywords: Sports Retailing, Entrepreneurship, Opportunity recognition, Wholesale purchasing, Retail pricing, Family Business, Importing, Growth strategy, Government relations


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Teaching Notes

A 9-page teaching note written by Bill Bygrave is available for this case.