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Wendy Wise Widder, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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Mache Seibel sat in his office thinking back on his 30-year career in medicine. An accomplished M.D., professor and editor-in-chief of a medical journal, Mache was no longer certain that he should continue with medicine—at least not in the traditional sense. Over the past year, Mache had been spending more and more time composing musical numbers designed to amuse and educate adults and children about important health issues. He was enjoying himself immensely, and was feeling increasingly comfortable in the role of educator,/musician/performer. But he wasn’t sure what direction the business should take or if he should devote himself to it full-time. He had spent over $40,000 on the venture—not counting his own time, and now he needed to answer some fundamental questions: 1. Was this a venture opportunity or merely an expensive hobby? 2. If this was a real opportunity, how can he turn his content and talent into a profitable enterprise?

Teaching Objective: To present an example of an talented, successful individual with no business experience following his passion for music and communication into the realm of new venture start ups. The main focus is on deciding whether this is a viable venture, and what strategies would give the doctor/songwriter the best shot at success.


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