Teaching Cases

Babson faculty members infuse their intellectual capital into our academic programs with teaching cases. These cases promote our teaching method of combining entrepreneurship theory and practice. Most of the cases include teaching notes and more than one-half include a video of the entrepreneur visiting a Babson class while the case is being discussed.

You can order most of the following Babson teaching cases through the European Case Clearing House.

Below is a list of teaching cases written by Babson entrepreneurship faculty.

Teaching Case Case Director(s) Key Words
Active International Julian Lange
Benoit Leleux
entrepreneurship, barter, growth, information technology, Internet, international
Adam Aircraft William Bygrave Business aircraft, Design engineering, Fabrication & prototype development, FAA regulatory process, Market identification, Product positioning, Marketing to a sophisticated, limited pool of prospects, Building an aircraft company in the middle of a slow economy, Funding Government contracts, Manufacturing partnerships, Strategic partners and alliances, Building a top-flight management team, Financing
Advanced Results Marketing- A Ed Marram Accounting fraud Bank line of credit, Business model, Crisis, Direct response, TV advertising, Entrepreneurship, Growth, Private equity
AirTech Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, rapid growth, cash businesses, service delivery systems, consolidating fragmented industries, dealerships
Ajay Bam William Bygrave career choices, finding and shaping an opportunity, team building, networking, bootstrapping, venture capital, board of advisers
Alco Equipment Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, distributors, dealerships, opportunity assessment, rapid growth, ethics, family business, consolidating industry, crisis management, financing issues
Alternative Sources of Revenue for Nonprofits Natalie Taylor nonprofit, UBIT, philanthropy, IRS
American Financial Services William Bygrave entrepreneurship, new venture, managing a growing business
America's Youth Baseball Industry Note Natalie Taylor entertainment, baseball, sports, youth, non-profits, mature/declining industry
Bagelz Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, franchising, strategic alignment, franchisee selection criteria, franchisee/franchisor relations, systems innovations, financing requirements, process flow and the service delivery system, new product development, and competitive strategy
Barnard, Alison William Bygrave fashion retailing, entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition, wholesale purchasing, retail training, retail management, family funding, growth strategies
Barter Industry Note Julian Lange
Benoit Leleux
entrepreneurship, barter, trade credits
Beard Food Company A-B Leonard Green Family business, entrepreneur, harvesting, manufacturing, succession, food, brand
Beautiful Legs BY POST William Bygrave entrepreneurship, finding and developing an opportunity, writing a business plan, raising money, mail-order marketing, starting a business in a foreign country, entrepreneurship as a career choice
Bellobuono, Mike Stephen Spinelli Jr. franchising, opportunity recognition, new ventures, career development, growth management, angel capital, strategic partnerships.
Berggren, Scott William Bygrave import/export, Eastern Europe International Business, Russia, Soviet Union , political instability, aluminum, currency, scrap metals, smelting
Birkental A-B-C-D Leonard Green family business, family succession, generations, manufacturing, buyout
Bladelogic Andrew Zacharakis and Jennifer Walske High potential ventures, Enterprise software, Venture capital, Entrepreneur in residence, Team building, Funding strategies, Opportunity recognition, Research & Development, Sales channels, Acquisitions
Blueview Farms A-B Leonard Green entrepreneurship, family business, family succession, sales, horses
Cabletron Corporation Julian Lange entrepreneurship, partnership, network, cable, test equipment, human resources
Cardsmith William Bygrave debit cards, campus town retailing, on-campus entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition, bootstrapping, new technologies, 1990s internet wave, sustainable vs unsustainable businessmodels, low overhead and virtual businesses
Chevron in Central Asia Joel Shulman oil, gas, Caspian Sea, , Chevron, political instability,
Chrysler Rebirth of an Automaker John W. Altman corporate culture, autos, bailout, turnaround, entrepreneur, extended enterprise
Circle Lending Les Charm Angel Financing, Sources of Capital
ClearVue William Bygrave large chain retail stores, guerrilla marketing, promotion, packaging, virtual corporations, foodbrokers, supermarkets, discount department stores, automobile parts stores, family business, methods of growing a business
Coffin, Matt William Bygrave web business, online marketing, opportunity recognition, bootstrapping, fund raising, bank credit lines, 1990s internet wave, sustainable vs unsustainable business models, harvest strategies
College Coach William Bygrave entrepreneurship, marketing, education, venture capital
Collingsworth Corporation Julian Lange entrepreneurship, startup, marketing, business plan, partnership
Cover-It Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, harvest, buyout, advertising, marketing, partners, resource marshaling
Creaky Joints Stephen Spinelli and Natalie Taylor Career choices, Perseverance and focus, Pharmaceuticals, Prescription drug marketing, Opportunity recognition, Seminar businesses, 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Organizations ,Grant funding, Venture funding, Partnerships, Growth strategies
Database Technologies A-B Edward Marram entrepreneurship, software, harvesting, growth management, re-engineering, corporate culture
DayOne William Bygrave entrepreneurship, childcare, franchise, maternity, education
Diamond Technical Group Edward Marram
Jennifer Starr
financing, start-up, growth management, team building, opportunity recognition, leadership, cash flow, valuation, and strategic partnerships
DiGrigoli Salons Stephen Spinelli,
D.R. Widder
Entrepreneurship Franchising Hair care industry Employee training Store management Partners Concept replication Branding Growth strategies
Driver FX Stephen Spinelli Jr. automotive, automotive parts, retail, online, entrepreneur, dotcom, marketing, business model, strategy
EarCheck Dennis Ceru Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, Marketing, Obstacles to Success, Opportunity Recognition, Marshalling Resources; Key Hires; Managing a New Enterprise; Marketing; Shopping for Opportunity; Market and Industry Forces
Earthwatch Heidi Neck Social entrepreneurship, Voluntourism, Adventure travel and tourism, Nonprofit entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial marketing, Corporate renewal
Elderline Communications William Bygrave entrepreneurship, voice recognition, VXML, startup, speech application
Ellacoya Networks Julian Lange entrepreneur, intrapraneur, corporate entrepreneurship, software, buy-back, first-round financing, second-round financing, venture capitalists and angel financing
ENOX Technologies William Bygrave entrepreneurship, new venture creation
Entrepreneurial Networks and Networking Candida Brush​ network, networking​
Envision-A Ed Marram and Neil Churchill Entrepreneurship, medical device, fund raising, culture issues, technology development, team building
Eureka! Ranch John Altman entrepreneurship, idea generation, corporate education, conferences
Everon IT Ed Marram Remote IT services, Web business, Online marketing, Opportunity recognition, Bootstrapping, Self-funding, Team building, Fund raising, The Internet wave; late 1990s, Scalable business models, Career choices and opportunities, Exit and Harvest strategies Teaching Notes
Family Education Network 2001 A-B-C Edward Marram entrepreneurship, Internet, dot-coms, AOL, competition, acquisitions, tombstones, dot-com meltdown, investors, burn rate
FEED Resource Recovery Andrew Zacharakis Clean Technology, Entrepreneurship, Opportunity recognition, Raising capital, Bootstrapping, Core customer, Team Building
Fjord Trading Company William Bygrave angel capital, valuation, growth management, family business, international entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships, and MBIs
Food from the ’Hood Natalie Taylor entrepreneur, gender and race issues, nonprofits, social entrepreneurship
Formica Corporation A-B Joel Shulman Manufacturing, buyout, auction, debt, leveraged, IPO
Galindo, Andres Carl Hedberg and William Bygrave Sports Retailing, Entrepreneurship, Opportunity recognition, Wholesale purchasing, Retail pricing, FamilyBusiness, Importing, Growth strategy, Government relations
Global Risk Exchange A-B Stephen Spinelli and Alex Hardy Entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, start-up, insurance, Internet, on-line, risk management, business models
Glow Dog William Bygrave women entrepreneurs, technology, marketing
Go Fish William Bygrave entrepreneurship, marketing, Internet, credit, broker, wholesaling, food
Grant, Matt William Bygrave Career choice, finding and shaping an opportunity, networking, raising money from the 4Fs, bootstrapping, publishing, distributing a give-away magazine, young professional couple with dual careers
Healthrock Stephen Spinelli Medical health and education, Advocacy, Music and songwriting, Opportunity recognition, Bootstrapping, Funding sources, Media production, Advertising and promotion
Hirschtick, Jon: New Venture William Bygrave Creating a high-tech software company, developing a prototype, positioning a new product, building a team, raising venture capital, valuation, negotiations, value added by venture capitalists, ownership, founders’ stock, and stock options.
Inanovate William Bygrave Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurial science, Growth and harvest scenarios, Licensing/Commercializing advanced technologies, Medical testing and diagnostics, Nano technology, Opportunity recognition, Patents, Pharmaceuticals, Research & Development, Sales management, Strategic partnerships
Internet Fashion Mall William Bygrave entrepreneurship, Internet, Web-based retailing
Intrinsigo: Looking to Launch Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, start-up, software, valuation, investor relations
Jack Sprat’s Restaurant William Bygrave opportunity, pre-start-up, shaping an opportunity, quick service restaurants, developing a healthy food menu, family business, financing, careers
Jenkins Supply Company Les Charm and Len Green Succession planning, gifting of shares, hiring a non-family member in a family business, Advisory Board in a family business, managing positive cash flow and achieving sales growth
Johnson, Eric Stephen Spinelli Entrepreneurship, African American entrepreneurship, acquisition, business models, market segmentation
Kronos Incorporated A-B Edward Marram entrepreneurship, computer software, enterprise resource planning, enterprise application software, partnering
Liquid Power Boats – SuperCats C Stephen Spinelli and Matt Lauzon Opportunity recognition, Deal making, Resource marshaling, Acquisition
Lucent Technologies Joel Shulman telecommunications, high-growth, mergers, acquisitions, expansion, corporate restructure, leadership change, downsize
Maker’s Mark Kathleen Seiders entrepreneurship, alcohol, marketing, international business, family business, advertising
Malincho William Bygrave start-up, early growth, resource marshaling, import business, bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, short-term capital
Manhattan Bagel A-B Leonard Green franchise, family business, IPO, bankruptcy, acquisitions, harvesting
MicroE Systems Ed Marram Entrepreneurial technology, Economic downturn, Growth and harvest scenarios, Licensing/Commercializing advanced technologies, Precision micro-encoders and motion control positioning systems, Opportunity recognition, Patents, Research & Development, Value chain, Component suppliers, Strategic partnerships
Microline Jean-Luc Boulnois entrepreneurship, R&D, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), laparoscopy, FDA, engineering
Monty Python Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, licensing, entertainment, merchandising
Nahill, Jim William Bygrave entrepreneurship, marketing, healthcare, insurance, medicine, benefits, hatchery
Nancy's Coffee Ed Marram, Les Charm competitive strategy, customer segmentation, growth strategies, family issues, team building, infrastructure, raising money, strategic thinking, system/controls
Nantucket Nectars William Johnston entrepreneurship, distribution, marketing, guerrilla marketing, partnership
NetMarquee Julian Lange entrepreneurship, Internet, dot-com, family business, technology, Web, advertising, marketing, content
Neverfail Computing A-B William Bygrave career building, entrepreneurial teams, product development, marketing, angel financing, creative financing, working capital financing, private venture capital, term sheet, valuation, ownership, preferred stock, negotiating
NextWorth Steve Spinelli, Melissa Martinelli Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeship, Student entrepreneur, Start-up n Opportunity assessment and shaping n Incubator, Business Plan, Start-up capital, Investor perspectives, Internet, On line auctions
Norman, Alexander and Toni Randolph Bill Bygrave finding an opportunities creativity; developing, marketing, and selling a new product; brand names; ethnic markets; fashions; department stores; entrepreneurial careers; minority and female entrepreneurship; family business; ethics; and virtual corporations
Northwest Community Ventures Fund Natalie Taylor Community development investment funds, subsidiaries, non-profit versus for-profit missions, rural entrepreneurship, fund raising, career management and risks, measuring social returns in an investment portfolio
Paragon Lake William Bygrave Online business models, User innovation, Fashion retailing, Entrepreneurship, Opportunity recognition, Wholesale purchasing, Retail training, Retail management, Family funding, Growth strategies
Patio Rooms of America William Bygrave entrepreneurship, construction, dealer, marketing, baby boomers
Pearlman, David William Bygrave entrepreneurship, sales, lawsuits, manufacturer's representative
Polartec A-B-C John W. Altman, Robert E. Weissman,
Margaret C. DePalma
Manufacturing, textiles, philanthropy, social responsibility, bankruptcy, reorganization, unions,
Poss, Jim William Bygrave Entrepreneurship, Fabrication and prototype development, Financing, Bootstrapping, Raising money, Venture capital and private equity investors, Start-up and early expansion stage, Solar power
Quick Lube Franchise Corporation William Bygrave franchising, alliances, valuation, negotiations, and legal issues.
Richterich, Peter William Bygrave entrepreneurship, biotechnology, software, venture capital, valuation
Rocky’s Ace Hardware Stephen Spinelli Jr. entrepreneurship, cooperative, hardware, retail
Roughneen, John William Bygrave careers, opportunity search, opportunity recognition/evaluation/shaping, marketing, business start-up, founder financing, the vending industry, software development
Saving the Children of Costa Rica Candida Brush Social entrepreneurship, Social opportunity, Social problems, Costa Rica, Stakeholders, Business model creation, Enterprise creation, Health care and health education, Opportunity recognition
SeaFax A-B William Bygrave cash flow, new ventures, growth management, guerrilla marketing, leadership, benefits of computerization, product development
Shaker Circuits A-B William Bygrave due-diligence, deal negotiations, valuation
SolidWorks William Bygrave private venture capital funds, Japanese corporate venture capital funds, strategic alliance with large Japanese companies, negotiations, valuations, and ownership.
Sten-Tel Inc. Stephen Spinelli Jr. franchise, entrepreneurship, alliances, family-owned business, growth, angel financing
Streamline Business Systems William Bygrave business plan, software for companies operating vending machines
Streamware Corporation Edward Marram entrepreneurship, board of advisers, software, marketing research
StudentCity William Bygrave Career choices, Perseverance and focus, Web Business, Opportunity recognition, Online marketing, Partnerships, Mergers and acquisitions, The Internet wave; late 1990s, Sustainable vs Unsustainable business models, Valuation, Harvest strategies
Take-A-Break Travel Edward Marram cash flow, new ventures, growth management, guerrilla marketing, partnerships, international entrepreneurship, product development.
Tessera David Kerns Patents, Research & Development, IP rights, IP defenses, Semiconductors, Licensing/Commercializing advanced technologies, Entrepreneurial leadership, Opportunity recognition, Value chain, Component suppliers, Strategic partnerships
Timberland Company Natalie Taylor Social and ethical practices, Green businesses, Ethics, Brand management, Identity marketing, Consumer marketing Corporate culture, Channel marketing, Volunteering
Tompkins, Scott A-B William Bygrave new ventures, career development, partnerships, campus ventures, family business
TopSports Ed Marram Sports marketing, Television, Licensing, Career choices, Perseverance and focus, Bootstrapping, Web Business, Opportunity recognition, Online marketing, Partnerships and alliances, Financing, Growth strategies
USA Golf Holidays William Bygrave Leisure travel, Fragmented industry, Early growth and expansion, Using information technology to the company more effective and efficient, Internet and its impact on the travel industry, Financing growth, Management team
Vayusa William Bygrave Career choice, Opportunity recognition, Business planning, Team building, Networking, Bootstrapping, Venture capital, Board of advisors
VisionScape Candida Brush career planning, interviewing and positioning; gender issues
Visionsense Ed Marram Re-Aligning the opportunity Attracting investors Strategic partnerships Research & Development Introducing a New Technology Patents Maintaining momentum in the face of severe budget cuts, layoffs Sales management Fund raising and bridge loans Working with a wealthy, high profile lead investor Board of Directors
West Construction Company Leonard Green entrepreneurship, family-controlled enterprise, succession
Widget Manufacturing Company Leonard Green family business, succession, financial analysis, valuation
Wink Communications Stephen Spinelli Jr.
Julian Lange
entrepreneurship, communications, finance, technology, research and development
Winsales William Bygrave family business, new ventures, guerrilla marketing, high-tech marketing, direct marketing, and distribution issues
Xerox New Enterprise John W. Altman corporate entrepreneurship, IPO’s, venture capital, spinouts, business model, corporate culture
Zenoff, Andrew William Bygrave entrepreneurship, opportunity search, creativity, developing/marketing/selling a new product, entrepreneurial characteristics, financing from family/friends/angels, valuations, ethical and legal issues in the sale of securities, and protection of intellectual property