Babson Professor William Bygrave, Case Director

Carl Hedberg, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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Native Bulgarian Kalin Pentchev, a recent college graduate with limited business experience, launches a New Jersey-based cheese import business called Malincho. Operating with extremely limited resources, Kalin overcomes multiple obstacles as he grows his business to offer a more diverse product line and Internet ordering capabilities. As Malincho rapidly expands and the need for short-term capital becomes imminent, the founder struggles to figure out how to finance his venture, and considers changing his business model. The case provides good insight into the personal qualities necessary to launch a new business venture, as well as numerous examples of creative resource marshaling. The founder experiences multiple setbacks as he attempts to launch his company, exhibiting resilience and determination as he creatively solves problems. Although the company has shown early signs of success, Kalin is confronted with critical decisions that will determine the venture’s long-term viability.

Location: New Jersey and New York

Date: 2001 to 2003

Industry: Food and catering industry

Stage of company: Start-up and early growth

Age of entrepreneurs: Early twenties

Key Words: Start-up, early growth, resource marshaling, import business, bootstrapping, entrepreneurship, short-term capital


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