Streamware Corporation

Babson Professor Ed Marram, Case Director

Sam Perkins, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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Following nine years of intense financial hardship, the founders of a software and marketing information company for vending machines face the option of either being bought out or continuing their struggle to grow. While they have successfully provided state-of-the-art software and point-of-sale marketing information to major distributors such as Frito-Lay and Hershey Chocolate, they continue to struggle to make payroll. The company creates a Board of Advisors to seek solutions to their financial and management problems, only to initially reject most of their advice. With an offer to buy the company in their pocket, the company's entrepreneurs now must answer the questions of whether the asking price for the company is high enough as well as whether the company should indeed be sold.

Location of the company: Massachusetts

Years spanned by the case: 1991 through 2000

Industry segments: Market research, vending machines, software

Stage of the company: Start-up to growth

Age of the entrepreneurs: Mid 30's

Key Words: Entrepreneurship, board of advisors, software, marketing research


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