Babson Professor Ed Marram, Case Director

Carl Hedberg, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

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TopSports Ventures was a Brazilian media and marketing company working in the forefront of the increasingly convergent world of live sports, advertising, television, the Internet, print media, and mobile devices. The partners had started out as consultants to major broadcasting businesses, and that experience and exposure led to the development of Esporte Interativo. This upstart free-to-air, all-sports channel was building a solid reputation for delivering innovative media formats that cleverly integrated sponsors’ brands into live, high-profile sporting event broadcasts. Although their speedy attraction of a loyal and growing fan base had come as a welcome surprise, that surge meant that the team was now building the business on the fly. By mid-2008, the partners were struggling to come up with a cohesive growth plan that would play to their strengths and counter what was certain to be a major push into their space by the most powerful media conglomerates in the country.

Teaching Objective: To present an international example of a team of entrepreneurs using creative strategies to build a fast-growth venture in the face of entrenched and powerful competitors.

Key Words: Sports marketing, Television, Licensing, Career choices, Perseverance and focus, Bootstrapping, Web Business, Opportunity recognition, Online marketing, Partnerships and alliances, Financing, Growth strategies


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