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Elise Burgess hung up the phone, perplexed at Bryan Hughes' offer of employment. He had offered her the position of Administrative Assistant at VisionScape, starting the next week. She didn’t know if she should take the job of not. On the one hand, she had no other prospects and she had been looking for a job since May. While her parents were patient, they were clearly getting tired of supporting her and anxious for her to take a job so she could pay her own rent. On the other hand, she had applied for the position of Project Coordinator at VisionScape and had hoped to be in a position to learn the business side of advertising design What should she do? Should she take this job to get into the business? Or should she keep working to find a job that would be a better launching pad for her fledgling career?

Teaching Objective: For students to consider the pros and cons of company context and social interactions as they relate to a job decision to examine positioning for careers and examine trade-offs job decisions.

Key Words: career planning, interviewing and positioning; gender issues


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