West Construction Company

Babson Prof. Leonard C. Green, Case Director

Beth G. Silver, Esq., Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship,

© Babson College, 2003.


Jerry West will soon graduate from the MBA program at Babson College. He is the potential successor to his family's business. This case, in dialogue form, illustrates the career-choice dilemma that Jerry has in facing his three options. Jerry must choose to accept a job offer in Dallas where there is great career potential for him, a job offer in San Francisco where his wife wants to live or the opportunity to work in his family business. While Jerry's father has never made explicit his desire for Jerry to join the business, Jerry’s family is pressuring him to return home to Sands, Utah in order to join and eventually “take over” the family construction business. Jerry is unsure how to decide, but does need to decide quickly. He consults his family-controlled enterprise course professor for guidance.

Location of the company: Utah

Years spanned by the case: 2002 to present

Industry segments: entrepreneurship, family-controlled enterprise

Stage of the company: second generation

Age of the entrepreneur: 20's – 30's

Key Words: entrepreneurship, family-controlled enterprise, succession