Andrew Zenoff

Babson Professor Bill Bygrave, Case Director

Andrea Alyse, Case Writer

Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship

©Babson College, 1997.


Eight years after graduating from Babson College with a major in entrepreneurship, Andrew Zenoff has no meaningful career so—out of desperation—he decides to become an entrepreneur. He starts a company to develop and market a baby support pillow for nursing mothers. Andrew is continually running out of money and having to scramble for both equity investments and loans from family, friends, and angels. In this manner he raises about $300,000 from about 20 different persons in nine "rounds" of financing. Approximately one and a half years after starting the business, sales revenue is annualizing at $600,000 and growing very rapidly, the company is out of cash, and Andrew is again scrambling for cash to keep his company afloat. This case is best used in courses with a focus on opportunity search, creativity; developing/marketing/selling a new product, entrepreneurial characteristics, careers, financing from family/friends/angels, valuations, ethical and legal issues in the sale of securities, and protection of intellectual property.

Location of the company: California

Year(s) spanned by the case: 1995 through 1996

Industry segment(s): Baby nursing products

Stage of the company: Pre-start-up, start-up, and early growth

Age of the entrepreneur(s): 20s


A DVD available for this case. It is a presentation to Babson MBA students by the case principal, Andrew Zenoff. Please place orders through ecch.

Teaching Notes

A nine page case teaching package, written by Bill Bygrave, is available for this case. The teaching package includes strategies for case presentation, key concepts, solutions to the assignment questions in the case, and suggestions for the most effective ways to work this case into a course.