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Costal Wine Teaching Case 

CASE TITLE: Coastal Wine: “A Mystery Hides Along Chile’s Pacific Coast…” (PDF)

AUTHORS: Francisca Cibié G. and Hans Berner S.

UNIVERSITY: Universidad de los Andes




ABSTRACT: Matías Garcés is a publicist and entrepreneur. He had always wanted to own an advertising business or develop an agricultural business and eventually he founded an advertising agency. In 1997 his family bought land to build a weekend retreat. From his entrepreneurial perspective, Matías saw this as an opportunity to create a vineyard. His first step was to seek expert opinion. One wine specialist (oenologist) suggested planting premium cold-climate grapes (primarily white grapes like sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and red varieties like pinot noir), but others advised him that the land did not have the right climate for a vineyard and that because wine production was greater than its consumption, the market for white wine would be small. The family had to decide which market to target, which winery to build, which grapes to plant, which staff to hire, and whether the business would be run by the entire family or Matías. At the time he was thirty-three, married, and the father of two children.

TOPICS: Entrepreneurship challenge; finding and shaping an opportunity; team building; financial assessment; marketing and branding; family decision making process; work experience; global wine industry; resource needs.

OVERALL TEACHING OBJECTIVE: Framework for opportunity assessment; decision making in a family business context