Coops Model at Universidad del Desarrollo

CASE TITLE: Coops Model at Universidad del Desarrollo (PDF)

AUTHOR: María Eugenia Puentes

UNIVERSITY: Universidad del Desarrollo




ABSTRACT: In September 2009 Pedro Arriagada Stuven, a member of the Economics and Business Faculty (FEN) at the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD or University of Development), realized that he was a victim of his own success. Five years earlier, he had proposed to the president of the university that business students should engage directly with the business curriculum by working at a company starting on the first day of school. He called this program the Coops model. It was a great success as shown by the increased number and improved quality of applicants. But rapid growth generated unforeseen challenges like improving the program’s administration to cope with more students and more companies. By 2009 Arriagada and his team had to decide how to adjust and consolidate their model. This case presents Pedro as a corporate entrepreneur facing challenges like monitoring students at their work sites, convincing more companies to accept UDD students, and matching companies with students.

TOPICS: Corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs’ profile analysis of the Chilean university context, finding and shaping an opportunity, building the right team

COURSE POSITIONING: Entrepreneurship and new venture courses in the last year of an undergraduate business program or as part of an MBA Overall Teaching Objective: Analysis of the current context of an industry, how corporate entrepreneurship is implemented, the relevance of the team, differentiation in an industry