Veronica Jaramillo at the Crossroads

CASE TITLE: Verónica Jaramillo at the Crossroads: Case A (PDF) and Case B (PDF)

AUTHORS: Francisca Sinn and Sebastián Errázuriz

UNIVERSITY: Universidad Adolfo Ibañez



PAGE LENGTH: 13 pages (case A) and 5 pages (case B)

ABSTRACT: Veronica Jaramillo has been a vegetable producer in the Huasco River Valley in the north of Chile since 1993. She founded her company because she wanted to raise her children in a green environment rather than a grey and dusty city. By June 2009 the business had a good relationship with its customers, mainly supermarkets. She could rely on her workers, and the production level was steady. But ironically this stability made Veronica uncomfortable because she had always been motivated by challenge. Her current challenge was to create value for her family, her workers and her community. TOPICS: Growth and the emergent process of finding and assessing opportunities, women’s entrepreneurship, workers’ motivation, monetary versus non-monetary compensation, convergence of economic versus social goals in business, the role of technical/professional skills in entrepreneurship, the issue of remoteness and the role of the network, funding alternatives and risk aversion

COURSE POSITIONING: Graduate course in entrepreneurship. The case could illustrate growth as an emergent process of finding and assessing opportunities. It could fit an entrepreneurship course to describe women’s motivations in addition to profits, such as family life and social justice.

OVERALL TEACHING OBJECTIVE: To present a framework for opportunity assessment, understanding the role of the entrepreneur’s characteristics and context as determinants of the capitalization of opportunities.