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Babson Undergraduate Semester in San Francisco

Define Your Difference on the West Coast

Program Overview

Golden Gate Bridge

Each semester, Babson undergraduate students have the opportunity to study away for a semester in San Francisco. In addition to Babson having a campus there (135 Main Street, SOMA district), the city of San Francisco provides the opportunity to learn and network with the broader business community that ranges from established organizations such as Charles Schwab to the startup world of Silicon Valley.

Throughout the semester, students can take advantage of events at the San Francisco campus, including but not limited to BabsonConnect events that bring together local alumni and business partners for a keynote speaker session or panel discussion and networking.

The inaugural class to experience this program will begin in September 2014.


The program runs for one semester, spring or fall. A possible summer session for future years is currently under review.

Courses *

16 credits
*subject to change

Silicon Technology Ventures

Professor: Jim Poss
Silicon Technology Ventures is more than a class; it is a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity that blends classroom learning, simulations, assignments, and field experiences to gain valuable real-world insights into starting and growing technology businesses.

Consulting in Technology Entrepreneurship (CiTE)

Professor: Allan Cohen
Babson students are always finding ways to understand what the current climate is for starting a business. The San Francisco/Silicon Valley area is one region where startups are ubiquitous and largely driven by new technology, new social media, and new digital solutions.

The Modern American City

Professor: Paul Schmitz
Students will examine the rise and development of the modern American metropolis in a period of dynamic growth and intense cultural change. Using a range of historical, literary, and cultural sources, the class will investigate how cities have served as catalysts for the nation’s economic, political, and social development.

The West as Frontier in the American Imagination

Professor: Katrin Fischer
Students investigate the myths, realities, and hopes associated with the American West: that ever-moving frontier of the mind and body where visions of American national identity are invented and celebrated, contested and reimagined.


There is designated Babson housing for the San Francisco semester students in downtown San Francisco, just off Market Street, a short distance from the Babson campus.


The Babson undergraduate tuition, room and board fees will apply. Food and transportation to and from San Francisco are the responsibility of the student.