Past Student Businesses

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Company Description Community Service
Babo Boxes Providing packages to Babson students that are made up of snacks and gifts that are themed for different needs or occasions. Cradles to Crayons
Babotise Advertising for local businesses through on campus advertisement spaces for rent. Special Olympics
Babson Honey Partnering with a local beekeeper to produce and package honey while also raising awareness about the importance of bees for educational, economic, and social value. Habitat for Humanity
BedSideKick Convenient bed-side holders that keep personal belongings (cell phone, tablet, water, wallets, etc.) beside your bed. Boys and Girls Club
BioGrounds Fertilizer supplement of dried and packaged coffee grounds which were collected on campus. World Vision
BoomCube iPhone cases that amplify the phone’s speakers. Friends of the Homeless of South Shore
bulletn. A mobile app where users select their general interests, and a virtual bulletin board is created for each interest, which includes local events and other content. Greater Boston Food Bank
Cable Turtle Convenient wire organizer that is available in various sizes. Greater Boston Food Bank
ChargePal A portable, credit card sized, smartphone charger that also acts as a USB data sync cable for convenient music/file transfer. Greater Boston Food Bank
CovIt MacBook covers available in a variety of colors and are fully customizable. Greater Boston Food Bank
DoodleBoard A whiteboard which folds into four 9”x9” squares and can expand to 18”x18”. Greater Boston Food Bank
Encore Coolers which hold up to 24 cans and have built-in speakers. Cradles to Crayons
EnvoScrubs Biodegradable cleaning wipes that can be used on surfaces ranging from dishes to countertops. Special Olympics
FitMe A spandex belt that can securely hold a person’s belongings while they are exercising. World Vision
FlexCord A flexible phone charger that maintains any shape it is twisted in. Cradles to Crayons
Fridge-Pal A refrigerator odor neutralizer containing used coffee grounds. Friends of the Homeless South Shore
Frocket T T-shirts with a customizable pocket both in fabric and stitching. Cradles to Crayons
Grip Strip Reusable silicon pad that sticks to almost any surface and is used to stop items from sliding or falling off of surfaces. Cradles to Crayons
Heat Me Cup Stainless steel vacuum 18oz. thermos that keeps liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Cradles to Crayons
LET Babson Let Experiences Talk. Held an event on March 29th in Olin Auditorium where various speakers discussed their experiences with a reception to follow. Habitat for Humanity
Locator A tracking device that allows customers to locate their missing items. Greater Boston Food Bank
Lost-It Group ​A tracking device that is paired with an app to assist in finding missing items. ​Habitat for Humanity
Onesie Clothing Company ​Adult one piece pajama suits which are available in various designs and sizes. ​Greater Boston Food Bank
​PillowTop ​Customized headboards intended for college-aged students that live in residence halls. ​Boys and Girls Club
Polar Vortex ​A cup that can turn any sugar-based beverage into a slush. ​Cradles to Crayons
Second Take Cinema ​Showing nearly released and classic movies on Babson’s campus on weekends in Olin Auditorium. ​Cradles to Crayons
Shape Create ​10”x10” whiteboards with magnetic edges that connect like puzzle pieces. ​Community Servings
SoloSounds ​A Bluetooth headset that gives customers a wireless music experience while working out. ​Greater Boston Food Bank
Tap Tag ​Utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) products that are programmed to transfer the customer’s desired contact information to another Android smartphone. ​Friends of the Homeless South Shore
Twystwyst ​Wire winders that allows for easy and tangle free storage of wires such as headphones. ​Greater Boston Food Bank
Wired Up Shirt ​A high performance athletic shirt that has four loops to hold headphone wires securely and closely to the shirt wearer. ​Community Servings
    Total Donations: $18,000


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Company Description Community Service
Audire Custom-made kit with five iPhone accessories: iPhone amplifier, headphones, touch gloves, external battery, and a USB cable YMCA - West Suburban
Babson MarketPlace Online store where FME companies listed their products for sale Boston Aids Africa
Fresh Bites Hosted an event with local, sustainable restaurants who provided samples of their food while promoting their own business Community Servings
Bands With Benefits For every purchase of a bracelet, Bands With Benefits sent a cold weather care package to a child in need Cradles to Crayon
BedShelf Shelf that attaches to any bed post to store essentials Wellesley Community Center
BluClear Provided a safe, clean, and efficient alternative to water-inefficient methods of container sanitation, thereby encouraging healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyles Harvard Square Meals
Buzz Builders Marketing A marketing company that helped businesses succeed and grow by attracting new customers and developing a community of loyal customers Friends of the Homeless
College Connect Service-based business that created opportunities for individuals to meet new people by running social events on campus Cradles to Crayon
Cozi Reusable and customized cup sleeves with a pocket en-sewn in the side to hold things such as tea bags or packets of sugar Paraclete Foundation
CreatifyMe Clear iPhone cases with two customizable and interchangeable inserts NAMI National Association of Mental Illness
Life Loop Fashionable USB bracelet used as a substitute for a smartphone charger NAMI National Association of Mental Illness
Mix-It-Mug Self-stirring mug which mixes beverages with the press of a button. Instantly mixes coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with milk and sugar, or makes a quick protein shake Engeye
myIMPAX Markets the social missions of businesses in order to drive new, loyal customers to their stores. Companies sponsor digital cards stored on passbook that are distributed to consumers through social media, email and websites. When consumers complete the social action and shared it on social media, they then earn rewards to these companies Habitat for Humanity - Lowell
NightGlo Glow-in-the-dark t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, lacrosse pinafores (pinnies), and sunglasses Lemonade Day
One Case iPhone cases with drawer-like enclosures that holds anything from one’s OneCard and room key, to credit cards and money in a practical, protected manner Special Olympics of MA
Punch It Connects small businesses to their customers through its mobile app based loyalty program World Vision and Boston Aids Africa
Reel Em' Spring loaded headphone winder Boys & Girls Club - Chelsea
Smart Charger Universal, portable charger that charges smartphones, MP3, MP4, PSP, Digital cameras, and GPS devices Boys & Girls Club - BlueHill
Stikah Small gel-like sticker that attaches to the front or back of an iPhone, which allows users to peel off the Stickah and clean both the front and back screens of the phone Citizens Schools
EyeCare 4 Boston Sunglasses emblazoned with the phrase “Boston Strong” in light of the Boston Marathon Bombings Friends of the Homeless and One Fund Boston, Inc.
BottleWallet A BPA-free water bottle with a compartment to store credit cards and keys Cradles to Crayons and Habitat for Humanity - Lowell
    Total Donations: $22,941.59



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Company Description Community Service
H2GO (Just Add Water) Powdered supplement that made a low calorie energy drink Community Servings
Waste No More Preservation of bagged and canned foods Wellesley Council on Aging
SOS (Stamp Out Suicide) Raised awareness of suicide and bullying by selling t-shirts, wristbands, magnets and stickers Nativity School of Worcester and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Boston Chapter
Aura Fragrance Cor Unum Meal Center
Cool Earz Earmuff headphones Citizens Schools
Oh Snap! Snapback hats, snap-on watches, knit winter hats and t-shirts Cradles to Crayons
Pre De Presentation aid offering a combo of a remote, USB port and laser pointer Boys and Girls Club of Charlestown and Ted Grossman Fund
Lug Mug Coffee mug with a detachable compartment to store necessities for the day The Charles River Center
Babson Mini Massagers Small, portable, lightweight, mini massagers Habitat for Humanity
Critter Caps Knit wool animal hats Cradles to Crayons
Pestige' AudioCorp Revolutionary technology that turns virtually anything into a speaker Special Olympics of Mass
Urbanae' Solar powered battery charger for cell phones Cradles to Crayons
Beat Teez T-shirts with electroluminescent technology that responds to the beat of music Special Olympics of MASS - Polar Plunge
Charity Challenge Planned and executed fun and competitive events for local charities Boys and Girls Club of Boston
Beaver Wraps 2 in 1 rain jacket and vest Harvard Square Church Meals
Gummi Keys High quality keyboard covers Habitat for Humanity
Lazerwear Apparel T-shirts made of unique photo sensitive powder that reacts to UV laser light Boys and Girls Club at Blue Hill
Texting Gloves Gloves which make texting possible in the cold Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Bgreen Sold recyclable bags to businesses Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
VEC iPhone case with a keyboard Cradles to Crayons
    Total Donations: $32,743.26



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Company Description Community Service
Beat Bomb Mini Speakers with USB charger Nativity School
BIBO Chocolate products that are breathed in Community Servings
Boxers or Briefs Babson boxer shorts and sofees for women Lemonade Day - Boys and Girls Club Dorchester
Babson Havaianas Flip Flops MS Society - Greater New England Chapter
Coolapsible Collapsible water bottle/pouch Boston Aids Africa
Data Bands USB wrist bands Needham Housing Authority
Foldtastic Device to fold laundered clothes to fit in dresser drawers and luggage Wellesley Council on Aging
Everlast Energy Energy mints as an alternative to caffeinated drinks or snacks Citizens Schools
FineTouch Laptop Art Customized scratch art laptop covers Harvard Square Church Meals
GLOW Artificial LED ice cubes Cor Unum Meal Center and Japan Relief
Lil Biz Beaver Plush beaver with the Babson logo  
Memor-Key USB flash drive in the shape of a key which hooks on a key ring Special Olympics of Mass
OneCover Smart phone cover with OneCard pouch Cradles to Crayons
Sunova Lenses Customizable sunglasses Special Olympics of Mass
SwiftSwipe Allows a consumer to swipe a card without opening his or her wallet  
Presenter Pen A pen acting as a 2GB flash drive and a laser pointer Cure Payalysis - Thomas E. Smith
The Radioactive Group Glow-in-the-dark the dark "B" stickers and wristbands Cradles to Crayons and Japan Relief
Whiteboard Deals Delivered new deals to Babson students every month Boys and Girls Club
Wicked College App App for smartphones listing events of interest around Boston to college students Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
X-Charge Case for cell phones or MP3s players that charged on-the-go Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell
    Total Donations: $26,842.46



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Company Description Community Service
Budd-Eaze Headband with built in ear buds for comfort sleeping, etc. Nativity School of Worcester
Kudos Shirts Custom designed t-shirts with a limited run for each design Community Servings
B-Ray Sunglasses Cradles to Crayons
Diskover Shield CD protectors Boys and Girls Club of Boston
Freshions Air quality device Web of Benefit and Nyansa Project
Boost Bubble Caffeinated gum Friends of the Homless of the South Shore
E-Z Wash All in one system for doing laundry. The simple mesh design allows water and detergent to flow smoothly through the laundry, while keeping it together National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Threads and Ink Embroidered clothing and accessories and custom made ink stamps Special Olympics Massachusetts
Y.O.U. Calendars Two lines of calendars: one general purpose and one individually customized Cradles to Crayons
Germ Stoppers B2B business selling alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers and refills to local companies William Ellery Channing School
Babson Country Club Miniature golf course on the Babson campus Charles River Center
TH20 Mug with warming device Habitat for Humanity
LoKay Key, phone, purse, etc. tracker Birthday Wishes/Rodman Ride and Needham/Wellesley After School Program
Totes2Promote Eco friendly bags used to promote businesses and organizations English as a Second Language Program
Click Wireless mouse with USB storage Special Olympics Massachusetts
Write-On Portable, customizable paper made of the same materials as a white board, and adheres to any surface Boston AIDS Africa
One Bottle Bottles with spring balls used to make protein shakes, eliminating the need for a blender N/A
    Total Donations: $25,888.04



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Company Description Community Service
Slick Stick USB memory stick in the shape of a credit card Special Olympics of Massachusetts
Screen Savers Stuffed animal screen wipes Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Yawkey Way
Quillo Babillo Quilt that folds into a pocket, becoming a pillow Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Promote You Innovative promotional products for college admission offices Cradles to Crayons
OneSwipe A customized OneCard or credit card holder that keeps the magnetic strip exposed to make the process of swiping more efficient Web of Benefit
Happy Lifestyles A clothing line designed for college students The William Ellery Channing School, Hyde Park
The Green Scene Biodegradable plates, cups and utensils Web of Benefit
Eel Co. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly light bulbs The Charles River ARC
Decal Designs Decals with aesthetically pleasing designs. These decals stick to walls and are removable and reusable The Bernon Center
Dam! Energy Mints Flavored mints that give you energy The Nativity School of Worcester
Crystal Clear A water bottle with an embedded carbon-activated filter for less costly, more affordable, and less environmentally damaging water The Wellesley Council on Aging
Charge It Up Portable cell phone charger Citizen Schools
Campus Calendar Calendar that features alumni success stories. Alumni buy space in this calendar, which is distributed to alumni and prospective students Cor Unum Meals Center
Bramato Woodworks Affordable Art; custom-created art pieces and decorations mounted on recycled wood Charles River Watershed Association
Beaver Weavers A stapler that cuts into paper and clips the sheets together with the paper itself. No metal staples are used, which is eco-friendly. Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Blue Hill
Beaver Bottoms Underwear with clever phrases Special Olympics of Massachusetts
Babo Berry B2B sales for employee and customer gifts Habitat for Humanity Boston
    Total Donations: $32,699.42



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Company Description Community Service
Babson Sleepwear Customized Babson thermal and flannel pants and tops We Love the Children
Beaver Stress Relievers Squeezable beaver shaped stress ball Boys and Girls Club of Boston
BobbleMe! Picture frame bobbleheads Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury
Business Prep Product mix of polo shirts, neckties, bracelets, and necklaces Bernon Center
Babson Coffee Sleeves Sold advertisement space on coffee sleeves Habitat For Humanity
College Kicks Animal-shaped slippers with customized college logos Harvard Square Meals
Envy Attire Unique and affordable T-shirts and sweatshirts Special Olympics of Massachusetts
Finders Keypers Device that locates keys Mission Schools International
Fresh Scentz Customized hanging Babson air fresheners Juvenile Diabetes
Java Jolt Soaps Soap with caffeine Cradles to Crayons
Luxe Bathrobes Variety of classy comfortable bathrobes Wellesley Council on Aging
Me-Flect Cell phone screen protector that also acts as a mirror A Place to Turn
Pens 4 You Customizable wooden pens Natick Community Organic Farm
Ping Pong Promotions Customizable logos on ping pong balls Special Olympics of Massachusetts
Project Penguin Skins Customizable skins Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Stick-It! Customizable stickers Coaches for Cancer
    Total Donations: $29,885.38



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Company Description Community Service
Babottles Plastic bottle with a clever compartment to hold credit cards and keys Special Olympics
Birds & Tees T-shirts with witty slogans/logos Wellesley Council on Aging
Buzz2O Caffeinated water sold individually and by the case Special Olympics
College Savor Coupon book for college students that sold ad space from local merchants Nativity School of Worcester
Custom Card Prints Personalized Babson cards for individual students and Babson organizations Citizen School
Deca-Wall Removable, stylish, customizable wall decals for dorms and similar venues Boys & Girls Club of Boston
Easy Furnishings High-quality inflatable chairs Yawkey Club of Roxbury
Freshmynts Mints in customizable packaging Habitat for Humanity
Groceries2Go Grocery delivery business for students on campus Harvard Square Church Meals
Mug Shots Babson logo freezer mugs Cradles to Crayons
Poseidon Filters Water bottles with filters Cradles to Crayons
Posters Ink Posters with customer-supplied photos Charles River ARC
Skinsanity iPod skins The Valerie Fund
Three-One-Promotions Marketing and promotion business Lwala Kenya Clinic Project
Univators Aviator-style sunglasses Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
    Total Donations: $36,245.51



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Company Description Community Service
Bab-Bubble Gum with customized packaging/advertising Cradles to Crayons
Babson in a Box Sold ad space on a board game which was sold to the Babson community Boys and Girls Club of Boston
Babson Shuffle Sold playing cards with advertising space, which were sold to companies or students Junior Achievement of Eastern Massachusetts
Beantown Buys Discount cards and advertising Special Olympics of Massachusetts
Cell Tagz Cell phone jewelry Nativity School in Worcester
Crunch Time Pre-packaged kettle popcorn Charles River ARC
Koketo Tees Premade T-shirts to students YMCA and Boys and Girls Club at Boston
My Skinz Customized laptop covers Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
MyZaic Customized pictures made from multiple digital images Charles River YMCA
Never Dateless Calendar with student pictures sold to students The Ellie Fund
Pride Blankets Babson fleece blankets Greater Boston Food Bank
RAZR Scents Perfumes and colognes Citizen Schools
The Shake Up Pillowcase alarm clocks Birthday Wishes
Tray Liners Sold ad space on a paper that was then placed on the trays in Trim Dining Hall Special Olympics of Massachusetts
    Total Donations: $31,233.47



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Company Description Community Service
4Head Designs Trucker hats and beanies Cradles to Crayons
Adver Maps Area maps with advertising space for companies Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Babo Bands Customized silicone wristbands March of Dimes, Massachusetts Chapter
Babson Promos Mass distributor of personalized promotional products ALS TDF
Band Ed Marketing Customized wristbands to promote an organization or cause Special Olympics of Massachusetts
Bands of Champions Customized silicone wristbands as promotional items Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Bobblin Memories Bobble-head dolls Boys and Girls Club of Charlestown Website geared to connect college students to activities and events in the Boston area Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury
Greenback Card Co. Babson-themed playing cards YMCA of Greater Boston, Charles River Branch Website listing thorough information on nightlife and college events Junior Achievement
MySports Sports balls Charles River ARC
Paro Tees T-shirts for students Citizen Schools
Poster IT Posters Wellesley Council on Aging
The Bolo Company Polo shirts First National Headquarters
    Total Donations: $62,363.63



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Company Description Community Service
Babson Entertainment - Makers of Babsonopoly Babson version of Monopoly Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, The Jimmy Fund, American Cancer Society
Beaver Blankets Fleece blankets Rosie's Place, Pine Street Inn, Heiffer International
Beaver Booties Slippers March of Dimes, Boys and Girls Club of Boston, Tom Seiver Memorial Fund
Beaver Casuals Variety of clothing items, including glow-in-the-dark underwear, T-shirts, boxers, and short shorts Charles River ARC
BPhoto Picture memories of Babson Community Outreach Farms, Waltham
Eventures Planned on-campus events to promote school spirit Charles River ARC
High-Life Apparel Vintage, retro clothing, including mesh hats and pub T-shirts Charles River YMCA
Krispy Kreme Sold Krispy Kreme donuts Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Out There Marketing Provided marketing services for companies Harvard Square Church Meals
Renegade Promotions Promoted and marketed various businesses and products on the Babson campus Citizen Schools, Tom Seiver Memorial Fund
Solemates Jewelry Necklaces Wellesley Council on Aging, Tom Seiver Memorial Fund
The Cup Co. Tervis tumblers The Angel Fund
The Look A guide to dining and services in Wellesley Camp Invention
Towels Unlimited Beach and rally towels Special Olympics
    Total Donations: $45,283.33



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Company Description Community Service
19th Beaver Golf accessories Charles River ARC
BabSeats Comfortable desk chairs for students on campus Aids Action
Babson Beanies Hat store for students Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Babson Glassware Mugs and shot glasses with different images on them Housing for Homeless
B-Cables Retractable ethernet cables Underprivileged Children
Babo2Go Thermos-brand stainless steel travel coffee mugs with various logos, customizable for larger orders Citizens Schools
Babs Outfitters Bathrobes and slippers Citizens Schools
Beaver Cleaners Dry cleaning business for students on campus Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore
Beaver Flicks Allowed students to rent movies without having to leave campus Greater Boston Food Bank
Beaver Secrets Underwear with various images Junior Achievement
Café Norte Late night (10 p.m.–1 a.m.) place to hang out and snack on prepackaged foods Harvard Square Church Meals
In Your Face Promotions Both products and services, varying from foam fingers, seat cushions, and Super Babo fan T-shirts to promoting attendance at Babson events with promotional items Bernon Center/Barton Road
More Than Shirts T-shirts, juice glasses, and movie posters Habitat for Humanity
SIN Concepts High-end zippo lighters with the Babson logo, playing cards, and glass mugs Stand Up for Kids
    Total Donations: $20,354.37



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Company Description Community Service
BABO Records Created and sold a compilation of music by local bands pressed into a CD Friends of the Homeless
Babo Wear T-shirts and other silkscreened apparel Harvard Square Church Meals
Babson Air Chairs Inflatable chairs Citizen Schools
Beaver Bottles All-purpose nalgene bottles with the Babson logo Greater Boston Food Bank
BeaverTails PolarTec scarves with the Babson logo on them Citizen Schools
Beevah Wear Sweatshirts and lounge pants with different logos Arlington Boys and Girls Club
Campus Care Made and sold care packages to family members of students Alzheimer's Association
Collegiate Throws Babson-themed blankets Rosy’s Place
Connections Made a resource guide with local advertisements for the community Shattuck Shelter
Flashback Sold disposable cameras and then developed the pictures Case Nueve Vida
Party Time Clocks Clocks with customized faces MADD
Posterama Customized posters with lamination and mounting options Habitat for Humanity
Simply Scrubs Scrub pants with the beaver logo Special Olympics
Soft Sleeper Soft compact chairs that fold out to a sleeper Greater Boston Food Bank
    Total Donations: $19,242.92



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Company Description Community Service
Babson Advertising Sold discount cards for restaurants and stores in the surrounding area, as well as advertising space in free calendars Citizen Schools
Babson Beaver Boxers Boxer shorts geared toward the Babson community with a humorous design Natick Service Council
Babson Beaver Calendars Humorous calendars aimed at Babson undergraduate and graduate students Bernon Center
Babson Ink Low-cost printer cartridge refilling service using on-campus drop boxes Habitat for Humanity
Bay-State Bags Group sales of gym bags and individually premade bags Special Olympics Massachusetts
Beaver Beverage Delivery Delivery of water, soft drinks, and other beverages and sold snacks and plastic cups to Babson students and faculty Heritage of the Falls
Care Packages A way for parents, relatives, and friends to send Babson students a special package Bernon Center
Chillin’ Chairs Chairs designed to be lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and perfect for a college dorm room Citizen Schools
Green Card Sold discount cards for stores in the local area Boys and Girls Club of Waltham
Snazzy Beaver Wear Provided T-shirts to individuals and groups in the Babson community Friends of the Homeless
The Dormitorium Sold black lights, lava lamps, and strobe lights, as well as other popular dorm room products Casa Nueva Vida
The Power Store Nutritional products such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and general health and wellness items Greater Boston Food Bank
Truck Stop Provided food services to the Babson community by delivering groceries and by providing a mobile store that goes around campus selling foods at specified times West Suburban Elder Service
    Total Donations: $15,369.35



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Company Description Community Service
Always Coca-Cola Sold Coca-Cola products to Babson students Allston-Brighton Food Bank
Babson Beaver Wrap Created and sold beach and golf towels to the Babson community Bernon Center
Babson Shine Quality car cleaning service for Babson and surrounding communities Turkish Earthquake Relief Fund
Bap Unlimited Made and sold T-shirts to students on and off campus Bernon Center (Barton Road)
Beaver Cartel Snacks and toiletry products Bernon Center (Barton Road)
Beaver Plex Sold cups and magnets to the Babson community Habitat for Humanity
Beaver Treats Sold snacks and refreshments at Babson sporting events as well as to students between classes The Grape Guys
Celebrate N/A Bernon Center (Salvation Army)
Customizables Served outside companies by creating customized apparel Friends of the Homeless
Happy Feet Flip Flops Customized flip flops Habitat for Humanity
MS Babson Designed and sold mugs and shot glasses Citizen Schools
Paradise Postcards Created and sold a variety of postcards Citizen Schools
QP Enterprises Customized t-shirts and beads Harvard Square Meals
    Total Donations: $12,513.78



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Company Description Community Service
Beaver T’s Sold T-shirts Boys and Girls Club of Arlington
Go Get ’Em Groceries Delivered groceries to students on campus. Ronald McDonald House
Midnight Munchies Delivered late-night snacks on campus Harvard Square Meals
Spread the Love Delivered snack foods to students wherever they were on campus Happy Hallow Elementary School
Our Grand Stand Sold concessions at Babson Basketball games, and later sold Poland Spring water on campus East Boston Social Centers
Babson Blotters Sold advertising space on calendars to students and companies Citizen Schools
Student Reach Marketing Assisted businesses outside of Babson to market to students on campus National Hunger and Homeless Clean Up
John & Ted’s Excellent Ent. Rented movies and DVDs to students Barton Road
Babson Calendar Co. Premade calendars Citizen Schools
Beaver Beans N/A Barton Road
FlowBlow Flowers and balloons Citizen Schools
Kwik and Klean N/A Wellesley Council for Aging
Price Busters N/A Habitat for Humanity
Get on the Bus Served on-campus students with transportation needs Allston Brighton Food Bank
    Total Donations: $31,998.16