Course Variances 


Tuition policy starting Fall 2013 - Q+A.pdfTuition policy starting Fall 2013 - Q+A.pdf

Course Load


Students are expected to maintain a full course load, defined as 16-18 credits for students first enrolling in September 2013, and 15-17 credits for students who first enrolled at Babson prior to September 2013. 

Starting in the Fall 2013 Semester

  • Babson will charge flat rate tuition for credit loads up to and including 20 credits.

  • For students in good academic standing, registration for an additional course beyond the normal load will be possible when the add/drop period opens in August for the fall semester, and in January for the spring semester.

  • Limitations will apply to incoming first-year students, who will not be permitted to enroll in a 5th course in their first semester, and who will need to achieve a 2.7 or better GPA at the end of their first semester in order to enroll in a 5th course for their second semester.   


Reduced Course Load 

Students must request permission to take fewer courses than the standard for their academic level.  Variance requests must be submitted on the Babson Portal under “Class Dean dforms” at least 24 hours before the end of add/drop.  Approval for a reduced course load and reduced tuition will be granted only in the following circumstances:


  • For students with a documented disability or medical condition that necessitates enrollment in less than a full course load, as deemed appropriate by the Manager of Disability Services.

  • Consistent with the Family and Medical Leave Act, a student may be approved for enrollment in less than a full course load to care for a child within one year of birth, adoption, or the initiation of foster care, or to care for a child, spouse, partner or parent with a serious health condition.  

  • In the seventh and eighth semesters, a student can be approved for a reduced course load of  up to 4 credits per semester, if those credits had been taken at Babson in either the winter or summer sessions, or if the student had been approved and paid for an overload in a prior semester.  For a student graduating in seven semesters, the reduced course load will be granted only for the seventh semester.  

  • For a transfer student, underloads of up to 4 credits will be approved in either or both of the student’s last two semesters, if those credits had been taken at Babson in either the winter or summer sessions, or if the student had been approved and paid for an overload in a prior semester.  


In the case of an approved course load reduction, flat rate tuition will be adjusted by the approved number of variance credits using the per-credit tuition rate.   

Course Overload

In the instance of a student wanting or needing to take a 6th course, the student can petition for an overload variance and, if the exception is approved by OAS, an incremental per-credit tuition charge would be applied if the number of credits exceeds 20.  What had been termed Babson’s “course enrichment” policy has been eliminated starting in Fall 2013, because the new tuition policy allows students more leeway to take additional courses without an additional tuition charge.        

Total Credits

Incoming students in the new curriculum, starting Fall 2013, will be allowed to take as many as 156 credits while enrolled at Babson College.  Students in the existing curriculum will be able to factor in the new “credits up to 20” policy for their remaining semesters at Babson.  The total credit limit includes those earned at Babson, through cross-registration, study abroad, and approved course work taken elsewhere.