Get to Know This Year’s Businesses

Meet the Class of 2020’s FME businesses.

“The experience is more than just learning how to launch a startup. It’s about exploring career options. It’s about identifying and creating opportunities, ​understanding personal goals, managing team dynamics, and communicating effectively. Above all, it’s about turning ideas into action.”

– Rob Major, Associate Dean, Academic Services​​


Essentials oil sprays that promote calmness and activity


We are selling Babson themed bracelets that say “#1 in Entrepreneurship” or “Defend The Dam”.

Babson Baby Box

Babson Baby Box is a gift box geared to bridge the gap between undergraduate students and the greater Babson community which includes faculty, staff, alumni and grad students. Profits will be divided between UNICEF’s Eliminate Project and Cradles to Crayons, two nonprofits that work hand in hand with our mission: Connect, Provide, Give Back, Babsonize.

BF Clothing Co.

BF Clothing Co. is dedicated to providing the Babson community with fun and creative merchandise to help their school spirit shine brighter than they ever thought it could. Our T-shirts have funny, school-related references that further relate to the personal and social lives of the students at Babson making for a more positive and enthusiastic school environment for everyone on campus. In addition to our products, we will offer a local service of custom apparel design and timely delivery for organizations and small businesses.


We will have two products. B.Kind will be selling blanket scarves, and each time a blanket scarf is sold we will donate a fleece blanket to a homeless shelter.


Blistfy (B[abson]-List-fy) is essentially a Babson craigslist (except more aesthetically pleasing). It is a Babson exclusive listing service that allows Babson students or faculty to post products and services that they may need or want to offer. Blistfy’s mission is to create a powerful web-based platform designed to connect the Babson college community together by providing a bulletin board for person-to-person transactions. Blistfy sets out to create and strengthen the community within the community. Blistfy makes it easier for students to get an quick income, provides a way for students and faculty members to share needed services, and to increase student commerce, interaction, and collaboration.


#Caps is a Babson-based cap company which utilizes hashtags on the front of the cap in order to connect Babson students, faculty, and alumni. The current #s available are #RogerThat, #Immigrant, and #FMESurvivor. Buy a #Cap today, upload it to Instagram, and watch as we connect the Babson community one #Cap at a time.

Charming Chokers

Charming Chokers allows customers to individualize their personalized choker by choosing from a variety of bases and charms. These chokers also are interchangeable which allows people to switch their charm depending on the occasion, creating a choker that fits everyone’s individual personality. Through online ordering or in-person sales, create the perfect choker for you and have it delivered right to your doorstep!

Clean Cord

Our company strives to create a unique cord organizer at an affordable price that promotes customization through the detachable aspect of our product. Our goal is to sell bundles of cord organizers but also sell individual units so customers can purchase as many units as needed.

Cold Feet

Cold Feet is a sock company that works to distribute both a comfortable, lavender infused fuzzy sock along with an athletic crew sock with the Babson B on them. For $10 a pair, we will be distributing these two types of socks around the Babson campus and on our website in order to cater to school spirit, athleticism, and relaxation. The fuzzy sock comes in five colors and both socks can fit all of your feet’s needs!


DiversiTees strives to promote diversity in the community in a fashionable way. It sells T-shirts on demand that display the languages of the most represented countries at Babson (spelling out the word ‘Diversity’). This design will not be the only option going forward as DiversiTees is constantly working on new T-shirt designs for its company.


With DorMats not available in any bookstore near Babson, we are simply exploring a gap in dorm room accessories that emphasizes a focus on our three main principles here at DorMat! Creativity as each doormat we produce has the option of being completely customizable by the customer via a photo or design. Cleanliness as doormats prevent harmful bacteria and mud from entering one’s dorm room, and an environmentally conscious mindset as we strive to have every doormat made of recycled rubber.


Dreamers publishes customized profession-themed storybooks for children ages 4-7. By including each child’s name into our stories, we hope to foster inspiration for children to explore their interests and achieve their dreams.


Eyeroma is a sleeping mask filled with gel microbeads making it both microwave and freezer friendly. Eyeroma looks to enhance the user’s relaxing, napping, or sleeping experience by providing a solution to both block out light and keep the eyes and head at a desired temperature. Also available for purchase are variously scented bottles of skin oils that can be applied either to the mask or directly to the skin, providing an aroma-therapeutic aspect to the overall experience.

Fit Foods

Selling prepackaged healthy food options

Focus Fidgets

Through the use of stylish, trendy hand spinners and fidget cubes, Focus Fidgets aims to help children, students, and professionals increase their focus. Our fidget tools are great for the classroom, office settings, or in any other setting or time that an individual may just want a fun and quiet way to release anxiety or stress. Our fidget tools also are great for individuals with ADD, ADHD, and anxiety issues.

Fresh Feet

FreshFeet strives to sell the best possible hygienic, athletic socks while upholding safe manufacturing. What makes FreshFeet socks stand out in comparison to other socks on the market is that the socks have customized Babson designs and that they are made with special fabric to combat odor and sweat.


Freshies are a new take on the typical daily air freshener. A Freshie has an innovative hanging design along with bamboo charcoal embedded in the gel to not only provide a fresh scent but help eliminate odors as well. You can hang Freshies in your closet, by your hamper, near your trash, or even in your car!

Got Your Back

Got Your Back is an adhesive card holder for mobile phones. We provide bulk customized card holders for organizations and businesses as well as ready-made designs for individual customers.


An e-commerce platform that delivers snacks, toiletries, and other essentials to students at Babson. We will start with the quad, and then expand to other parts of the campus as we become more successful.


At H-Tune-O, we are focused on promoting water conservation and creating awareness regarding water consumption. Our kit is packaged in 100 percent recycled materials, and includes a Waterpebble shower timer, a Bluetooth water proof shower speaker, and a promotional laptop sticker.


Jakoozies sells koozies, for your can or bottle, to absorb any extra condensation, keep it cool, and show off your style.


We aim to raise awareness and take action against deforestation. By selling eco-friendly key chains, we plan to take action and promote sustainability throughout the community.


Lift-EZ is a Kleenex-inspired trash bag that makes changing the trash an ease. Our product is an easy way to remove trash because unlike traditional trash bags, each Lift-EZ comes with five prepackaged bags that are attached to each other. The functionality is simple, as you take out one trash bag, the next already is set up. This also works when you need to double or triple bag heavier loads such as food and drinks. This elevates the constant task of changing a trash bag.

Lobster Mitts

Lobster Mitts sells touch screen-compatible gloves embroidered with the Lobster Mitts logo for $15. For every pair sold, a pair of gloves will be donated to a children’s shelter.

Mini Fair Friday

We aim to expose the students of Babson to a new shopping experience through fairs in March and April. The goal is to bring local businesses and startups to campus so they can share their products with the Babson community. We will fulfill the desire of wanting a variety of shopping on campus regarding clothes, accessories, knick-knacks, art, and more, while also providing something fun to do on a Friday afternoon. Mini Fair Fridays hopes to bridge the gap between Babson the local community.

Module Bottle

Our product is a two-compartment shaker-bottle that is split down the middle allowing you to store two liquids at the same time in separate chambers. This allows for extreme versatility as you can store liquids, snacks, and things that you typically store in your pockets. Your imagination is the only thing limiting its uses!


Munchies is a service that uses food trucks to bring alternative food options to Babson’s campus. We want to have food trucks on campus during hours where Reynolds is closed.

My Babson Designs

My Babson Designs is an on-campus design service using the design talent from Babson students to create logos, flyers, and banner designs for businesses in and around the Babson Community.


OMNI motivates you to live the healthy life you desire by tracking your daily activities, steps, distance talked, calories burned, and much more

Pure World

Pure World Nepal produces handcrafted backpacks, designed specially by artisans in Nepal. The bags are made from hemp, which is an incredibly sustainable material because it requires a fraction of the amount of water that cotton and other competing textiles use. Each bag is unlike any other in its design and finishing. People are unique, so shouldn’t their bags be unique, too?

Rays Craze

We will be selling laptop screen covers. These covers will provide both privacy and anti-glare capabilities in order to allow consumers to work on the go and encourage them to go outdoors.

Scribble Surface

Scribble Surface is a wet-erase sticker that is placed on the exterior of your laptop, or beside your trackpad. Our mission is to promote convenience, organization, and efficiency by providing portable and reusable spaces for thinking and creativity.


Secure-A-Key is an innovative, self-adhesive card holder for smartphones, which contains an outer pocket with a clip-on button, in order to increase carrying capacity and safely guard a key, cash, or a small item.

Sly Swipe

SlySwipe is a two-pocket, stick-on card holder for your phone. Its main feature is a simple pocket that allows you to conveniently slide out your Babson OneCard and hold one other card. SlySwipe creates value through its ease of use, frustration-free operation, and convenience for users. is a creative and unique sticker company. For the stickers, we will use a varsity B and Babson-related phrases (such as Defend.The.Dam, Get, and BABO) or a varsity B, and they will be filled with fun patterns designed by Babson students.


SuitUp intends to create an online rental platform where students could rent their suits to their classmates within the school. This venture will allow business students to have a wide range of suit selections with a low budget. SuitUp will take a portion of money per transaction as profit.

UBuntu Bracelets

UBuntu Bracelets is entirely dedicated to aiding causes with a real impact—from the training of impoverished women in South Africa, to each bracelet’s unique focus—we are holistically committed to social change.


A waterproof case/container with a suction cup on the back meant to be placed in the shower.