Babson MBA Emily Lagasse Finalist in Female Entrepreneurship Challenge For Business FedWell

FedWell promises dog owners a “Wholesome. Convenient. Home cooked” affordable food option

Emily Lagasse M’15 operates her business under the belief that good food is the best medicine for any illness, even for dogs. After her dog battled illness and a near-death experience from the heavily processed and synthesized dog food on the current market, Lagasse decided to get back to the basics which eventually led her to start her dog food business, Fedwell. A previous participant in Babson’s 2013 Summer Venture Program, Lagasse will now be pitching her business this Thursday, October 3th at the 2013 Female Entrepreneur Challenge, a competition that aims to propel female entrepreneurs in the Boston area.

Held at the Dedham Hilton in Dedhman, Massachusetts, the event is part of the larger 7th Annual Womens Business Leaders conference, New England’s premier educational and networking event for women business leaders and supplier diversity professionals. Co-hosted by, CWE, and Magic 106.7, the eight week business plan competition provides an opportunity for finalists to pitch their businesses for a chance to win $10,000 along with a host of other prizes including incubator space, revenue enhancing workshops, complimentary consulting sessions from CWE, and access to Management for strategy and vision services.

Fedwell is a preservative free brand of dog food that promises quality recognizable ingredients to keep dogs healthy and happy. Adopting her dog while she was in Africa participating in the Peace Corps, Lagasse slowly watched her travel companion and proclaimed “best friend” suffer a host of medical issues from the common and often recommended packaged dog food on the market. After heavy investigation, Lagasse made the shocking discovery that not only was the traditional kibble she was feeding her dog heavily synthesized, but it contained secret and harmful ingredients to a dogs overall health.

Dog food, says Lagasse, is the “most synthetic editable food in the world. The part that isn’t synthetic can include road kill, cow utters, and chicken-beaks,” to name a few. Traditional dog food is not only made from inferior ingredients, but after the industry standard baking process, dog food is “stripped of over 40 percent of its nutrients”. Further, Lagasse goes on to say that, “of the 76 million dogs in America, 55 percent of them are obese”.

After hearing this shocking information, many would wonder why big-name dog brands are not only allowed to offer their product with the current ingredients on the market, but why they are so often highly recommend by veterinarians. Lagasse cites that lack of education coupled with heavy lobbying by big-name brands creates a market fueled by convenience and a culture that puts less emphasis on quality.

That being said, the United States, among many other countries is experiencing a counter-movement of consumers driving a market for healthier options inciting trends such as “home-cooking” and the” raw food diet”. FedWell, caters to these conscious consumers by offering pets a convenient, quality, and nutritious option. Using quality ingredients such as kale, lamb, and apple, all of which are gently ground and baked at the company's manufacturing facility, Lagasse hopes change the industry norm and offer a holistic and healthy option for dogs everywhere.

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By Hilary Katulak;; 781-239-4623 | 10/1/2013 7:00 PM