Gazelle Announces Partnership With Leading U.S. Entrepreneurial College

Babson College President Len Schlesinger To Unveil Leadership Programme Driving New Transatlantic Blueprint For Education

Gazelle is announcing a groundbreaking partnership with America’s leading entrepreneurial college, to put enterprise at the heart of a radical educational reform agenda.

Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College in Boston, is unveiling the Entrepreneurial Leadership programme at the Association of Colleges Conference in Birmingham.

It will see Babson College, ranked #1 in entrepreneurship by USNews & World Report for the past 19 years, work with the Gazelle Colleges Group, to help college CEOs and principals become leaders in the business-led transformation of Further Education.

Convening an initial group of 25 principals and college CEOs in February 2013, the programme will entail a two-year commitment by leaders in the education sector to make entrepreneurship the cornerstone of wholesale reforms in their colleges.

The programme is to be launched at the 2012 Association of Colleges Conference, at which Professor Schlesinger will give a keynote speech outlining his ambitions for the programme and his views on the vital role of entrepreneurship in reforming global education.

The leadership programme will both support individual principals in transforming their colleges, and work towards a new, transatlantic blueprint for 21st century education, founded on the integration of entrepreneurial values in all teaching and learning.

Dr. Schlesinger, President of Babson College since 2008, and former Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Fortune 500 company, Limited Brands, will lead the initiative alongside Gazelle Global CEO Fintan Donohue.

The initial convention of principals and CEOs from colleges within the Gazelle Group and The 157 Group will act as the pilot for a programme with transatlantic ambitions to lead entrepreneurial change in further and higher education.

Gazelle, which is building a cluster of entrepreneurial colleges across the UK, was launched at the Conference last year, and has grown from an initial five to a group of 19 further education colleges, committed to using entrepreneurship as a strategic driver for educational change.


Fintan Donohue, Global CEO, Gazelle Group, commented:

“The Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme marks an escalation of Gazelle’s mission to reform the education system by putting entrepreneurial principles at the heart of all teaching and learning.

“With Babson College and President Len Schlesinger, we are working with the world’s best in advocating and delivering entrepreneurial education, and this leadership programme has the potential to energise the Gazelle Group and drive the transformation of further education in the UK and beyond.”


Len Schlesinger, President of Babson College, commented:

“In much of the UK it remains a controversial notion that there is a method underlying all entrepreneurial activity that we can codify, organise, develop and teach to people.

“Gazelle are breaking out of that mindset, and doing nothing short of trying to transform an entire sector of higher education in the UK, to create the educational leaders who can link up young people to the opportunities for wealth creation that are out there.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity for us at Babson to partner with them, bring our knowledge and experience to the table, and create a culture that massively increases people’s chance to create their own job rather than be critically reliant on others to provide it for them.”


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About Gazelle

Launched at the Association of Colleges Conference in November 2011, Gazelle has been created by Gazelle Global, a company founded by five college principals with an exclusive focus on building a recognisable cluster of entrepreneurial colleges within the next five years.

Gazelle brings together leaders from the private and public sectors who are committed to deploying entrepreneurship as a strategic driver for change in the education sector.

Gazelle intends to harness the exceptional experience and expertise of entrepreneurs who have succeeded in business, are proven creators of wealth and who are willing to bring their experience of growing successful businesses into the heart of the further education sector. 'Gazelles' are dynamic, fast-growth young businesses, making the greatest impact on growth, wealth creation and employment opportunities in Britain today. Gazelle is committed to mirroring these attributes to accelerate the adoption of enterprising attitudes throughout education.

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