Entrepreneur In Residence Gail Simmons Visits Babson

Babson’s Newest Entrepreneur in Residence, Gail Simmons, will be visiting Babson College on April 23rd for a day-long kickoff on Campus

Join Gail Simmons, Babson College’s newest Entrepreneur In Residence , for her kickoff appearance on campus April 23rd for a day of learning, networking, and of course, food.

Judge on Top Chef and Food & Wine Special Projects Director, Gail Simmons will join the Babson Community for three dynamic and engaging kickoff events. The events are sponsored by Babson’s , Food Sol, and Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership. All events will be open to members of the Babson Community. Registration is required. The Quick Service Incubator is open to the public as well.



Community Table Lunch

12 to 1:30 PM

Olin Hall - Wellesley Room

Every Tuesday from 12-1:30 p.m., Community Table welcomes the entire Babson community to share ideas, questions, and actions around food. Some Tables feature a special guest with insight on a key topic. Others are open forums for food entrepreneurs to share thinking with one another. We're pleased this week to have special guest Gail Simmons joining us for Community Table.


Quick Service Incubator

2 to 3:45 PM

Olin Hall, Room 120

Quintessentially Babson, this rapid-fire "action tank" will feature Gail along with an expert panel and teams of Babson students as they support selected entrepreneurs on business challenges they are facing today.


Entrepreneurship Class Guest

4:30 to 6 PM

Malloy Hall, Room 202

Gail joins the phenomenal half-semester graduate course taught by Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division Candida Brush for a Q & A session about entrepreneurship.


To learn more or register for events please visit: www.babson.edu/gailsimmons


About the Lewis Institute

The Lewis Institute for Social Innovation is the GPS for navigating social innovation and redefining expectations for business by moving from social responsibility to social relevance. Through action research, case development, webinars, convening working sessions with business leaders, and its “action tank”, the Babson Social Innovation Lab, the Lewis Institute serves as an integrated, objective, and accessible resource of ideas, perspective, and practical knowledge for how to make social innovation work. Stay connected to the Lewis Institute online, on Twitter, and Facebook.


About Food Sol

Food Sol supports eater-entrepreneurs to uncover and articulate what they care most about influencing in food—and then determine the “bite-sized” action they can take now to begin. Practicing the country’s top entrepreneurial problem-solving method (Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®), Food Sol offers consulting, coaching, and market sensing to eater-entrepreneurs looking to navigate big food dilemmas and succeed in true triple-bottom-line food innovation.

People think and act the same way we eat: in bite-sized pieces. The big food dilemmas may seem overwhelming. But when dynamic, innovative thinkers sit down together—and engage in breakthrough interaction—they can design and scale change. Scaled change has the potential to become the new norm.


About the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership

Founded in 2000, the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College (CWEL) fulfills and extends Babson’s mission by providing educational programs for students that help both women and men develop leadership skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. To ensure a world of opportunity and advancement for all, CWEL also supports and widely disseminates research into the unique skills and experiences of women entrepreneurial leaders, and advances gender equality as a growth strategy for individuals and for organizations of all sizes, everywhere in the world. CWEL online, on Twitter, and Facebook.

By Hilary Katulak; hkatulak@babson.edu; 781-239-4623 | 4/17/2013 9:29 AM