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Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academies

Be challenged by​ teaching entrepreneurial leadership skills to high school students and through the process, discover a new culture, make friends for life, and learn about yourself.

As part of Babson’s mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value everywhere, Babson brings a team of volunteers, including students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends, to various countries of the world with the Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academies (BELA). These one-week programs, though different in each country, work with about 100 high school students. Team members work with small engaged groups to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The week commences in a rocket pitch competition among all participants.

All team members will deliver training sessions on entrepreneurial leadership skills to local high school learners. The experience is work-intensive, and along the way, volunteers learn about a new culture, make friends for life, and learn about themselves as they are challenged to achieve objectives with limited resources.

Preparation begins with a full Saturday meeting, about one month before travel, designed to provide both an overview of the culture and history of Ghana/Rwanda and to prepare the team for the activities to be performed both from an educational and practical training standpoint.

The BELA program began in 2011 in Ghana and Rwanda and has since expanded to Tanzania in March 2012 and to Uganda in March 2013. During the summer, volunteers may choose to participate in a one-week program to either Ghana or Rwanda.

Learn more about the existing programs.

For more information about bringing BELA to a new city or country, please contact:

Sarah Schwartz, Program Manager, BELA International​​​​​.