Status During CPT


Your new Form I-20 indicates your employment authorization for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) on page 3. You must sign and date page 1 of this new I-20 and provide The Glavin Office with a copy.

You must keep all Form I-20s previously issued to you but you will use only this new Form I-20 for future travel and re-entry to U.S. You have been provided with a current travel signature on page 3; this is valid for one year while you are a student.

You may only work for the employer specified on your Form I-20 and within the date range specified. If your internship changes in any way (different dates, different employer, etc.) you must first obtain authorization from an International Student Advisor (ISA). Failure to do so may be a violation of your status.

If you wish to change or extend your CPT, you must first obtain written permission from the Babson office overseeing your internship: UGCCD (undergraduates) or OEL (graduate students). Then, you must obtain a new Form I-20 from the ISA reflecting the changes and/or extension of employment.

A U.S. Social Security number (SSN) is required for those who are employed in the United States. If you do not already have an SSN, you may apply for one after receiving your CPT authorization but no sooner than 30 days prior to the CPT employment start date. For more information about the SSN, please review the “Obtaining a Social Security Number” handout.

If your local U.S. address changes, report your new address to the Glavin Office within 10 days of the move by accessing Portal and clicking on “Immigration Information”. We will then report your new address to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as required by law.