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Gaurab Bhardwaj

Gaurab Bhardwaj

Associate Professor of Management, Management Division

“A small understanding of big questions is better than a thorough understanding of minor ones.”
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Why I Teach a Course Called “Solving Big Problems”

I define big problems as those that if solved even partly can greatly better people’s lives and transform industries. These are complex problems that cut across disciplines and domains. My curiosity about such problems, which I was sure some students would share, led me to create this course where we learn how to understand big problems and discover ways to try to solve them.

Words That Changed My Life

“Developing a small understanding of big questions is better than developing a thorough understanding of minor ones.”

What the World Needs from Business Today

There are many important problems out there that have traditionally been seen as lying outside the domain of business. Taking a business approach to solving them can be effective. However, for such an approach to work well, it needs to be grounded in a thoughtful understanding of society, culture, history, technology, politics, and other domains that frequently don’t hold a significant place in business thinking.

What You Need To Know About Babson

Babson is an ideal place to explore ideas that matter to you.

How I Define Entrepreneurship

Bringing new things to our lives.​​